“See the glow of her saving veil of grace”

"See the glow of her saving veil of grace"

enVOGUE – HAIR Layka
+XAnSA+ Spike Crown @ Midsummer Enchantment
Zibska ~ Lethia Headpiece and Orbit @ Midsummer Enchantment
Lumae :: Leena Forehead Gems @ Midsummer Enchantment
Zibska ~ Larel Eyeshadow @ Midsummer Enchantment
Zibska ~ Blodwyn Lipcolour @ Midsummer Enchantment
[ bubble ] Bloom Earrings @ Midsummer Enchantment
!dM deviousMind “Sarah La Seductrice” Pearl Necklace
Oubliette– Lucretia Gown @ Midsummer Enchantment
-BOD- Melanthe Gloves @ Midsummer Enchantment
::SG:: Crow Mesh Nails BENTO @ Midsummer Enchantment

[ west end ] Poses – Overload – Time of My Life Couples Pose @ Lost & Found

The Damned – Shadow of Love

“くもりのない 碧い瞳は 新しい世界に 夢を見て”

"くもりのない 碧い瞳は  新しい世界に 夢を見て"

“Your clear blue eyes
Dream of a new world”

amara beauty – Livia Skin [June Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
~Tableau Vivant~ Snowdrift Hair
::SG:: Climax Eyes [June Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
Izzie’s – Applier Lashes [June Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
Zibska ~ Ilaria Eyemakeup [June Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
Zibska ~ Plur Blush [June Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
Zibska ~ Lorna Lips [June Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
=Zenith=cairen dress & tou shi headdress
DP – Koffin Nails – Paper Lantern @ Genre

Eir Aoi – Lapis Lazuri

“And the stains coming from my blood”

"And the stains coming from my blood"

[ MUDSKIN ]_Sora Skin [June Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
#Foxy – Regan Hair
AsteroidBox. Apoca Survive Gacha Night-vis Goggles
S.E CATWA MODELS EYESHADOW [June Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
::SG:: Climax Eyes [June Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
Izzie’s – Applier Lashes [June Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
::SG:: BandCuteAid [June Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
AsteroidBox. Apoca Survive Gacha Beaten Face Omega Applier
Zibska ~ Gilt Lipcolour [June Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
AsteroidBox. Apoca Survive Gacha Breath Face Mask
AsteroidBox. Apoca Survive Gacha Nailed Knuckles Necklace
AsteroidBox. Apoca Survive Gacha Infected Tattoo Omega Applier
AsteroidBox. Apoca Survive Gacha Survival Backpack
Blueberry – Calyn – Double Layered & Single Tank Tops
*DL* – Tekidan grenade utility belt
erratic / taylor – denim pants
AsteroidBox. Apoca Survive Gacha Ground Stomper Boots
AsteroidBox. Apoca Survive Gacha Bitch Grinder // Static Blade – Pose.1
AsteroidBox. Apoca Survive Gacha Sucker Gun

The Wastelands photo location
*AB* Niki Pose 4

The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (Glitch Mob Remix)

“Like a diamond from black dust”

"Like a diamond from black dust"

[LCKY] Zombie Hair
Zibska ~ Noir Pack Vol 06 Eyeshadow
-SU!- The Matte Lip Essentials
+ Summer Night Shawl & Butterflies + {aii} @ The Kawaii Project
Zibska ~ Siran @ SCALA’s Yin / Yang Event
DP – Koffin Nails – Shattered Dream @ Spotlight Event

Kelly Clarkson – Dark Side

Broken Time Machine

Broken Time Machine

+Spellbound+ Jezebel Hair
::SG:: Colorama Shadow
::SG:: XoXoGloss Lips
Zibska ~ Amaterasu Earrings, Collar and Necklace @ On9
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Olivia Dress @ The Vintage Fair
DP – Koffin Nails – Totally Tight Tips @ The Vintage Fair

::WetCat:: “Shelby” Vintage PickUp @ The Vintage Fair
KaTink – Nantucket 7 Background

“We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they’re called memories. Some take us forward, they’re called dreams.” ~ Jeremy Irons

“Take off to where the lawless auroras run”

"Take off to where the lawless auroras run"

*booN Lab.007 hair
Zibska ~ Lami Eyemakeup @ The Vintage Fair
Zibska ~ Lami Lips @ The Vintage Fair
Zibska ~ Amaterasu @ On9
Zibska ~ Jeane Dress @ The Vintage Fair

Aquarii background from Digital Blasphemy

I touch you in the night, whose gift was you,
My careless sprawler,
And I touch you cold, unstirring, star-bemused,
That have become the land of your self-strangeness.

What long seduction of the bone has led you
Down the imploring roads I cannot take
Into the arms of ghosts I never knew,
Leaving my manhood on a rumpled field
To guard you where you lie so deep
In absent-mindedness,
Caught in the calcium snows of sleep?

And even should I track you to your birth
Through all the cities of your mortal trial,
As in my jealous thought I try to do,
You would escape me–from the brink of earth
Take off to where the lawless auroras run,
You with your wild and metaphysic heart.

My touch is on you, who are light-years gone.

We are not souls but systems, and we move
In clouds of our unknowing
like great nebulae.

Our very motives swirl and have their start
With father lion and with mother crab.

Dreamer, my own lost rib,
Whose planetary dust is blowing
Past archipelagoes of myth and light
What far Magellans are you mistress of
To whom you speed the pleasure of your art?
As through a glass that magnifies my loss
I see the lines of your spectrum shifting red,
The universe expanding, thinning out,
Our worlds flying, oh flying, fast apart.

From hooded powers and from abstract flight
I summon you, your person and your pride.

Fall to me now from outer space,
Still fastened desperately to my side;
Through gulfs of streaming air
Bring me the mornings of the milky ways
Down to my threshold in your drowsy eyes;
And by the virtue of your honeyed word
Restore the liquid language of the moon,
That in gold mines of secrecy you delve.

My whirling hands stay at the noon,
Each cell within my body holds a heart
And all my hearts in unison strike twelve.

“The Science of the Night” by Stanley Kunitz

“She’s jeering at the shadows”

"She's jeering at the shadows"

*PH* 8162 Hair
Zibska ~ Maren Eyeshadow @ The Vintage Fair
Zibska ~ Gia Lipcolour @ The Vintage Fair
AsteroidBox. Nailed Posture Collar
AsteroidBox. Simple Scarification Tattoo @ Bodyfy
Zibska ~ Demi Top @ The Vintage Fair
Zibska ~ Demetria Silk Pants @ The Vintage Fair

Hexagram background by Digital Blasphemy

Siouxsie & The Banshees – Peek A Boo