“Now my heart awakes to the sound of silence “

"Now my heart awakes to the sound of silence "

Sintiklia – Hair Zoella @ Fetish Fair
+ Hopeless Eyes + {egosumaii} @ Somber Event
Zibska ~ Maiara Eyeshadow @ Enchantment
Zibska ~ Saba Blush @ Enchantment
Zibska ~ Ambrosia Lips @ Enchantment
V/. VoluptasVirtualis – [Anita] Corset  @ Fetish Fair

Blow-Up – Bento Open Mouth & Tongue HUD @ Fetish Fair
FOXCITY. Bento Ground Sits VOL1-4
-Garden- by anc “secret garden” ROSE
{anc} crystal bush

Dami Im – Sound of Silence

Pre-afterclub Antics

Pre-afterclub Antics

Stealthic – Psycho Hair @ The Men’s Department
Zibska ~ Enre Eyeshadow [L’Homme Magazine anniversary gift]
[CX] Vermin Nose Chain @ Rewind
WarPaint* Bitten lip set @ BodyFy
Nova – Punk Chains @ Rewind
AITUI – Neu Shawl @ The Men’s Department
OHeMO – Otto wristband @ Men Only Monthly (OHeMO store under construction)
::GB::Color rollup jeans @ The Men’s Department
::GB:: Trekking Layer Boots @ The Men’s Department

/anxiety/ shoplifters backdrop @ Rewind
FOXCITY. Hot Nights (Bento) pose [modified with Animare for dudeness]

“Pin me down lock me up”

[RA] Kerli Hair
Zibska ~ Sukie Makeup @ BodyFy
Zibska ~ Sukie Lips @ BodyFy
Violetility – Steel Harness Gag @ ROMP
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Dina Latex Collar and Leash
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Dasyra Outfit @ ROMP
DP – Koffin Nails – Black Celebration
For BCreative’s 13th Rez Day, she’s having a big sale: 13 items for L$13 for 13 days. Twelve are older items, but this one is the newest one in the collection. Feel free to grab more info from the Dark Passions Blog
AsteroidBox. Zippered Boots @ Redeux

Violetility – Playroom Skybox [Plain] @ ROMP

Khia – Been A Bad Girl

“You can’t sit with us”


Devereau’s blog is here!

Zibska ~ Aeode Hair
Zibska ~ Verad @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
– Headpiece, brows, collar, necklace, chest adornment, pauldrons, pasties
– Zibska ~ Verad Eye Makeup
– Zibska ~ Verad Lips
Zibska ~ SineV Neck Tattoo

FOXCITY. Photo Booth -The Mad House

“I hope you feed me”

"I hope you feed me"

enVOGUE – HAIR Jocelyn
^^Swallow^^ Pixie Ears @ Mesh Body Addicts
Zibska ~ Lora Eyeshadows @ Mesh Body Addicts
PUNCH / Lune Nosering
Zibska ~ Tista Lipcolour @ Mesh Body Addicts
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Riona Outfit @ Gacha Garden
Blueberry – Lace Tops *FREE GIFT*
(r)M, Vintage Royal Crown Ring // MAITREYA BENTO *NEW*
DP – Koffin Nails – Lorna’s Leaves @ Mesh Body Addicts

FOXCITY. Photo Booth-Down The Rabbit Hole
FOXCITY. Bento Ground Sits VOL1-5
FOXCITY. Hypnose Bento *L$1 GIFT*

Meg Myers – Desire

“The air is so heavy and dry”

"The air is so heavy and dry"

BT:Yumiko Skin
*barberyumyum*P02 Hair [Fifty Linden Friday special]
Zibska ~ Rizia Eyeshadow @ ULTRA
Zibska ~ Felina Lipcolour @ ULTRA
AsteroidBox. Nope Earrings // Fatpack Bonus @ Kawaii Project
*Merlific* Chloe Little punk top
Tee*fy Blossom Ruffles Shorts
AsteroidBox. Garter Platform Sneakers @ Prismagica [opens August 5]

-Lalochezia- Oops Pose 3
Crack Den photo location

Bananarama – Cruel Summer

“Spit out your gum, girl.”

"Spit out your gum, girl."

[06:58] Skye Nefekalum (azram.belwraith): Let’s see which of these three we like the best.
[06:58] Skye Nefekalum (azram.belwraith): I’m sure adjustment will be a thing.
[06:59] Skye Nefekalum (azram.belwraith): Kay option one.
[06:59] Skye Nefekalum (azram.belwraith): This one wins so far.
[06:59] Shyralei: I feel like the caption is “Spit out your gum, girl.”
[06:59] Skye Nefekalum (azram.belwraith): LOL
[07:00] Skye Nefekalum (azram.belwraith): Should have her blow a bubble with some
[07:00] Shyralei: I CAN DO THAT!
[07:00] Shyralei: I have the gum.
[07:00] Skye Nefekalum (azram.belwraith): Let’s do that one and be cheeky then
[07:00] Shyralei: So us.
[07:01] Skye Nefekalum (azram.belwraith): LOL

I don’t get to do photos with Skye nearly enough. He has adopted me in SL as long as I promise not to call him Skye-daddy, but I do it anyway. When he’s not around. Because I do fear his wicked wrath. ^.^ Check out his Flickr for more beautiful photography I cannot hope to match!

BURLEY – Emily Hair
Zibska ~ Suzume Eyeshadow @ Uber
Zibska ~ Pierina Lipcolor @ Uber
*MC* Depraved Harness Set [July Bound Box]
{ViSion} – *Lingerie Azaria [July Bound Box]