Pre-afterclub Antics

Pre-afterclub Antics
Stealthic – Psycho Hair @ The Men’s Department
Zibska ~ Enre Eyeshadow [L’Homme Magazine anniversary gift]
[CX] Vermin Nose Chain @ Rewind
WarPaint* Bitten lip set @ BodyFy
Nova – Punk Chains @ Rewind
AITUI – Neu Shawl @ The Men’s Department
OHeMO – Otto wristband @ Men Only Monthly (OHeMO store under construction)
::GB::Color rollup jeans @ The Men’s Department
::GB:: Trekking Layer Boots @ The Men’s Department

/anxiety/ shoplifters backdrop @ Rewind
FOXCITY. Hot Nights (Bento) pose [modified with Animare for dudeness]

“The captain is drunk, your world is titanic”

"The captain is drunk, your world is titanic"
Moon. Hair // – Edge @ Rewind
UniCult – Rewind 70’s V3 Eyeliner @ Rewind
WarPaint* Bitten lip set @ BodyFy
[Atomic] Safety Pin Earring (right) @ Rewind
.random.Matter. – Yesung Earring (left)
Meva Punk Collar @ Rewind
*Bolson / Tattoo – Mr. Burton
UniCult – Rewind 70’s Punk Polish @ Rewind
Violetility – Demon Dagger
edge grafica / 37 bracelet(Black2+White)

FOXCITY. Cute But Psycho-4 Pose @ On9
CUREMORE / Punk Chick / Anarchy Neon / ROSE @ Rewind
/anxiety/ shoplifters set @ Rewind
Limp Bizkit – My Generation

“There can be no light without the dark”

"There can be no light without the dark"
[NANI] Kaya.Hair @ Hair Fair
AsteroidBox. Leather Binds Gacha @ The Gacha Guardians
WarPaint* The Sixties set Eyeliner @ anyBODY
-SU!- Bento Piercing Set 01 @ anyBODY
!FP! Latex Reine Latex Outfit

“Forget your high society, I’m soakin’ it in kerosene”

"Forget your high society, I'm soakin' it in kerosene"
Essences – Serenity Skin [June Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
Lamb. Lust Hair
WarPaint* DramaCat Eyeliner
::SG:: Climax Eyes [June Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
Izzie’s – Applier Lashes [June Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
#adored – enamored lips – push pop edition [June Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
Absolut Vendetta -Bettie top
DP – Koffin Nails – Sun Fire Gloss @ Cosmetic Fair

::WetCat:: “Somber” F4 Cigarette Set @ Somber Event
Miranda Lamber – Kerosene

“Life is pain and the enjoyment of love is an anesthetic.” ~ Cesare Pavese

"Life is pain and the enjoyment of love is an anesthetic." ~ Cesare Pavese
[BURLEY]_Audrey Hair
+ Tainted Lady Make up & Lashes + {aii} *NEW*
WarPaint* DramaCat Bell Eyeliner
[PF] CATWA “BENTO” LIPSTICK Applier – Juicy Drop High Gloss [February Powder Pack]
AsteroidBox. Nailed Posture Collar
Blueberry – Nikita Romper *NEW*
Clemmm – Run Down Bloody Hands
[CX] Biomech Claws *LIMITED GIFT*
-SU!- Gartered Legs *GROUP GIFT*
*Merlific/PaperDoll’s* Purgatory Stud Feet @ Suicide Dollz

“Because I can eat a peach for hours.”


I could not decide which AsteroidBox. Fruity Collar to blog, so I asked the ever-helpful Ephemeral Skye, ” If you had to associate me with an apple, banana, cherry, peach or strawberry, which would I be?” He chose peach. Why? “Because I can eat a peach for hours.”

And this is why we’re friends. ^.^
*booN Lab.005 hair
WarPaint* DramaCat for CATWA HEADS
** [PUMEC]  –  Lipstick Pack for CATWA HEADS
AsteroidBox. Fruity Collars *NEW*