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In post-apocalyptic times, resources are scarce…even civil services. So Jihye made sure everyone could get hitched or made someone’s bitch with a highly detailed jail and wedding chapel backdrop for Remnant. And, of course, I had to pair it with Violetility’s offerings at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival! Gwen has provided a bevy of useful weapons and other accessories for your survival needs. Go now ’cause missing out on these items would be…the end of the world! ^.^

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Nyxie Hair – OakLeaf Hair
Violetility – Bullethead Helmet @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
-::Shinu Made::- Triketa Face Tattoos @ Haunted Forest Hunt
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Deanna Wrap Top and Panty @ The Gacha Garden
-::Shinu Made::- Tech Abstrct Tattoo @ Haunted Forest Hunt
Violetility – Wrecker @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
#EMPIRE – Freesia Boots

[ west end ] Poses – Angles – Pose Collection 05 *FabFree Group Gift*
[DDD] Dandesweet Swaying Grasses
AsteroidBox. Jail & Wedding Chapel @ Remnant. Dark Days
Violetility – Splinter Shack @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Violetility – Mutant Stopper @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Violetility – Waste Table @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Violetility – Saw & Conquered @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Violetility – Skate Stake @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Violetility – Wrenchete @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Violetility – Groundbreaker @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

“Pick up your toys, girl.”

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A night like any other. All the same, it held its own melody. The notes, the same, yet the way they were sung twisted to find their own life every time they met. The words were few, but they were spoken with the weight of ages. Trust and unison wove within the very walls with every devoted act, every twist, turn and touch bound to strings that he held, knowing well it should be no other way.

The adoration shared was unmistakable. Conversations were shared through mere looks. Wordless cries bared his name, sang true of delight and offered gratitude all in the same turn.

Her eyes sat upon him, expectantly. The evening sifted by as they shared this gaze, the line between torment and ecstasy fading away as the morning light crept closer. Tension grew, the discipline she held beginning to crack. He moved only when the apex of her tolerance was found, instinct trained through familiarity conducting his motions.

Firm pressure of his forefinger tipped her chin upward, stilling her faint trembling as he made certain she could see the truth within his eyes as he spoke the simple words long awaited.

“Pick up your toys, girl.”

by Dev
+Spellbound+ Jezebel Hair
/artilleri/ Meredith glasses
Violent Seduction – Madame Rosier Collar Exclusive @ The Epiphany
Violent Seduction – Madame Rosier Pasties @ The Epiphany
-::Shinu Made::- Sexy Underboob Tattoo @ Haunted Forest Hunt
Violent Seduction – Madame Rosier Panties @ The Epiphany
-::Shinu Made::- Lovely Heart Stockings @ Haunted Forest Hunt
DP – Koffin Nails – Frosted Foliage @ 4Mesh

FOXCITY. Bento Ground Sits VOL1 GSits V1-5
Violetility – Sensation Play Paddle
Violetility – Sensation Play Pinwheel
Violetility – Violet Wand Case
Violetility – Lingerie Chair @ ROMP
Violetility – Pleasure Arm Chair @ ROMP

Keep the spirit alive

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[RA] Rachel Hair @ FaMESHed
-Endless Pain Tattoos-Evil
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Deanna Corset [SOI] @ The Gacha Garden
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Deanna Skirt @ The Gacha Garden
erratic / scarlett – cuffs
#EMPIRE – Impatiens (unpacked)

Fire and Ice – Imatra, Lady of Ardor (exclusive SL artwork)
-=FORSAKEN=- Vampire’s kiss nightlights
BP – Trapped Soul
*HEXtraordinary* Standing Stones Curio
Violetility – Mowbray Desk @ We Love Roleplay

“Take a sip of my secret potion”

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Take a sip of my secret potion
One taste and you’ll be mine
It’s a spell that can’t be broken
It’ll keep you up all night
Boy, you belong to me
I got the recipe
And it’s called black magic
[e] Soft Hair
Zibska ~ Oct17 Eye Makeup RARE @ PocketGacha
AsteroidBox. Serpent Frames @ SaNaRae
Zibska ~ Oct2017 Lips RARE @ PocketGacha
Violent Seduction – Madame Rosier Outfit + Exclusive Collar @ The Epiphany
-BoD- Voodoo Tattoo *NEW*
DP – Koffin Nails – Dia De Los Muertos @ The Dark Style Fair
AsteroidBox. Death Garter Belt for Once Upon a Nightmare

{NANTRA} Secret Treat 2 Pose
Violetility – Witch’s Cottage
DISORDERLY&.random.Matter. / Potio Magicae / Spilled Potion Book @ Salem
[noctis] ” Kitchen Witch” Hutch and potions
[noctis] ” Kitchen Witch” table, cauldron and spell set
-BOD- Beauty Of Darkness Box

But first… Lemme take a selfie!

This blog encapsulates why I love October so perfectly. It’s not the fall colors. I mean, I like ’em, but it’s the spook! So much amazing make-up and accessories, not to mention the props! I cover a handful of events this month with this blog, so please enjoy…and don’t miss out on some great, creepy swag!

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Boudoir – Messy Hair
Violetility – Cempasuchil Crown and Veil @ The Dark Style Fair
UniCult – Come Play… Makeup @ The Dark Style Fair
UniCult – Black/White Out Eyes @ The Dark Style Fair
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Catrina @ The Dark Style Fair
DP – Koffin Nails – Pumpkin Spice @ The Wash Cart Sale
AsteroidBox. Gumi Heels @ Kawaii Project

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[AD] [GrimWood] Cemetery @ The Darkness Chamber Fair
[AD] [Black Widow] SpiderWeb @ Trick or Treat Lane
[AD] [The WidowMaker] Guillotine Prop@ Trick or Treat Lane
::WetCat:: “Salem” Witch Stake @ Season of the Witch
[DDD] Creeping Fog

“’cause there’s no nicer witch than you”

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It’s such an ancient pitch
But one I wouldn’t switch
’cause there’s no nicer witch than you
Mello. Heretic – Black Magic Hair
Zibska ~ Habren Eyemakeup @ Cosmetic Fair
-SU!- Darcey Eyes
Zibska ~ Selle Blush @ The Secret Affair
Zibska ~ Davin Lips @ The Secret Affair
AsteroidBox. My Body Gacha // RARE OCCULT SCARS
!TLB – Lydia Necklace @ The Darkness Chamber Fair
Violetility – Persephone Necklace @ Season of the Witch
_CandyDoll_Rachel Top
.: ryvolter :. Sofi Slit Maxi Skirt

Serendipity: agnese… (5 mirror) Pose Exclusive @ The Darkness Chamber Fair
=Mirage= Mesh Curtains
[Tia] Crystal Ball Book Stack
[Tia] Toil ‘n Boil Cauldron
{C&C} Samhain Scryer’s Mirror @ Trick or Treat Lane
{C&C} Samhain Moon Cuck-Coo @ Trick or Treat Lane
[Tia] Alchemy Table
[Tia] The Library – Tall Double – Deco

Home is where the heart is…

…or hearts are if you’re a collector. ^.^

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:::The 100::: Cuddle Halloween Chair Set @ The Darkness Chamber Fair

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Dark Moon cabinet Casa Diabolica @ The Darkness Chamber Fair
Flaming Witch Dark Casa Diabolica @ The Darkness Chamber Fair
Dark Magic Ritual Candles Casa Diabolica @ The Darkness Chamber Fair
Dark Altar Casa Diabolica @ The Darkness Chamber Fair
Violetility – Planchette Table Exclusive @ Season of the Witch
witch castle Miniature Casa Diabolica @ The Darkness Chamber Fair
Palmist Stand Casa Diabolica @ The Darkness Chamber Fair