Downloading upgrades

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Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
.Dokki Doki. Lolly Shape [modified]
more more. yuni skin Exclusive @ Etoile
(r)M Hair, No.50’17
Violetility – Holomask and Visor
Zibska ~ Valentia Duo Lips
[Neurolab Inc.] NX-6 COLLAR
RedFish – Cyber Tattoo @ The Darkness Chamber Fair
*LX* Tube Top Midnight
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Deanna Wrap-Panty

<micamee> Chie Pose *GROUP GIFT*
Cocoon – Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Roleplay photo location

First kiss of winter

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Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
.Dokki Doki. Lolly Shape [modified]
more more. yuni skin Exclusive @ Etoile
Sintiklia – Hair Jasmine
{SP!} Spirit eyes
Wednesday[+] Everyday Eyelashes
Zibska ~ Luned Eyemakeup @ ULTRA
-SU!- Bento Piercing Set 02
Zibska ~ Baska Lips @ ULTRA
Erosin – Serrated Ear Series – Healed (contact Nikohl.Hax for these ears)
Violetility – Winter Buddy Necklaces @ The Seasons Story

.::Nanika::. Surprised pose *GIFT*
Footprints in the Snow photo location

On the fourth day of Christmas…

…what will Bad Santa’s girl get?

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RedFish – Code Gacha – Owned Tattoo
RedFish – Santa Tattoo @ Winter Trend

Violetility – Christmas Cushions
Violetility – Christmas Cuddle Puddle
LAQ Decor ~ Christmas Tree

Winter wonderland

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TRUTH Halona Hair @ Uber
Meva Roxanne Outfit [December Bound Box]
.:villena:. – Fishnet

::Poseidon:: Priestess 3 pose
{anc} dust snow. [two] blow (L)
{anc} dust snow. [two] blow (R)
{anc} dust snow. [two] floor
Violetility – Snowy Ornament [Large]
Violetility – Snowball Pile
Violetility – Broken Ornament [Silver Tears]
D 0 X photo location

A lump of coal for the naughty #SecondLifeChallenge

Santa can totally leave this lump of coal as my Christmas present! {egosumaii} is looking out for all us naughty people with this completely adorable Bento animated coal pup for PocketGacha. The commons are holdable and the rare is a shoulder pet with texture HUD, but only one can be worn at a time. Pleeeeeeease be sure to try the demo before playing, though, because the pups may not work with all shapes and sizes. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!

And since I’m on that naughty list, I am going to look fabulous and own it! Violent Seduction offers the fabulous Circe lingerie at this round of KUSTOM9. The bra comes with three different cup styles and a fur texture HUD is included. I highly recommend getting the fatpack because this is definitely the outfit you want to be wearing when the police arrive to reveal your rich husband has died. ^.^

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Vanity Hair::Moonriver
Zibska ~ Loya Eyemakeup @ Cosmetic Fair
Zibska ~ Loya Lips @ Cosmetic Fair
Zibska ~ Auda Earrings and Necklace @ 68 Main
Violent Seduction – Circe Lingerie @ KUSTOM9
Coal Pup {egosumaii} @ PocketGacha

an lar [poses] The Sophee Series – Five (m)
Violetility – Winter Wonderbed [December Bound Box]

“Show me how defenseless you really are”

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[CX]&[ContraptioN] Untamed Collar
[CX] Fighter’s Mark
[Gild] Around rope pants

Violetility – Peasant Bed @ We Love Roleplay
As with my previous post, my SLubbeh Rith Valiant staged this scene to showcase a sponsor’s creation(s). All I did was lay out the marvelously-textured bed from Violetility for this round of We Love Roleplay, and he did the rest! I’m still working on my staging skills and I learn from his keen decorative eye every time he does something like this for me. Thank you, bbkins! ♥

“The cold never bothered me anyway”

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Sintiklia – Hair Jasmine
Zibska ~ Pari Eyes, Orbit and Makeup @ BodyFy 08 – 24 December
Zibska ~ Charlie Earrings and Necklace @ On9 09 – 28 December
Zibska ~ Usha Arm Orbits and Tattoo
Zibska ~ Piritta Wrap

::WetCat:: Winter “Front” Prop @ Winter Trend 2017 08 – 22 December
Soy. Window [Here I am]
Violetility – Ornaments @ We Love Roleplay
{anc} dust snow.[two] blow (L)
{anc} dust snow. [two] float