“Voulez vous coucher avec moi?”

I remember when Iki posted the W.I.P. of this outfit. I drooled at the untextured mesh render, so when this finally popped up in my feed for Epiphany, I think I died for a minute. LOOK AT THE MATERIALS ON IT! The only Photoshop I did was flip the original and erase out the conflicting background. This is a raw shot using WL and LUMIPro only. -drools more- And it goes so well with the Zibska makeup at Cosmetic Fair and her jewelry set at On9. I felt so classy…for once! ^.^

click for hires image on flickr

~Tableau Vivant~ Lucrezia hair
Zibska [Gift] ~ Enne Eyemakeup @ Cosmetic Fair
Zibska ~ Haizea Lips @ Cosmetic Fair
Zibska ~ Eilin Earrings and Necklace @ On9
Violent Seduction – Madame Rosier Outfit @ The Epiphany
erratic / christina – gloves HUD
.04 [ kunst ] – Long Cig Holder [ornamented]
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Anwen Stockings [Applier]

Winter Moon photo location


Faith of the Father

click for hires image on flickr

“The Japanese conceive themselves the direct descendants of their own gods.” – Percival Lowell Occult Japan

As a blogger, there are some items you know are coming down the pike from a sponsor that you just cannot wait to drop into your hot little hands. The Bento dragon spirit collaboration from {egosumaii} for The Arcade is one of those things! Ever since I saw Aii’s WIP for these wonderful babies, I’ve been drooling and making grabby hands. I’d already assembled the outfit and then when Kaorinette released the latest CURELESS [+] group gift, I nearly hemorrhaged at the perfection.

Many thanks to Zeluren Zerundi (awtan.feden) for embodying my Kami. He is a perfect god. ♥

Sintiklia – Hair Zoella
CURELESS [+] Divine Delineation Body Mod *GROUP GIFT*
(r)M ~ Posture Collar ~ No.03
Violent Seduction – Ume Hime Corset
+ RARE Fierce Dragon Brothers + {egosumaii} @ The Arcade
+ Chinese Lantern + {egosumaii} @ The Arcade

Dapplewood (night) photo overlay @ Digital Blasphemy

Fight Like a Girl


+ Extra Bento Arms + {egosumaii} @ KAGAMI
+ Hungry Oni Omega Tattoo + {aii} @ KAGAMI
Zibska ~ Augusta Eyeshadow @ The Secret Affair
Zibska ~ Asya Lipcolour @ The Secret Affair
Violent Seduction – Ume Hime Corset @ The Epiphany
Violent Seduction – Ume Hime Scarf @ The Epiphany
Violent Seduction – Ume Hime Shoes @ The Epiphany
Violent Seduction – Ume Hime Tanto & Hilt Exclusive @ The Epiphany
+ Ittan Momen + {egosumaii} @ The Epiphany

[ west end ] Poses – Lady Dragon II – 01
Aii The Ugly & Beautiful photo location

“The Queen will have his head”

"The Queen will have his head"

Zibska ~ Hegemone Hair @ Hair Fair
Zibska ~ Khronoz Donna @ We Love Roleplay
Zibska ~ Ilara Solo Eyeshadow [July LeLutka Edition Powder Pack(used Omega applier)
Essences [Nurain] lipsticks for Catwa *FREE ON MP*
Violent Seduction – Lethe Bra
S&P Like A Prayer – short dress

Zac Brown Band ft. Chris Cornell – Heavy is the Head

“There’s a bit of magic in everything…” ~ Lou Reed


Sn@tch Velvet Hair @ Midsummer Enchantment
Violent Seduction – Cosmos Senshi (hairclips, cape, dress and wand) @ The Crystal Heart Festival
-BOD- Melanthe Gloves @ Midsummer Enchantment
DP – Koffin Nails – Black Magic @ The Darkness Chamber
AsteroidBox. Tome Book @ The Fantasy Collective

“She’s mad, but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire.” ~ Bukowski

"She's mad, but she's magic. There's no lie in her fire." ~ Bukowski

Essences – Lexi Skin [June LeLutka Edition Powder Pack]
::Modish:: Hena Hairbase
.Entwined. Alison Hair
::SG:: Laura Eyes
::SG:: Veritas Shadow
[ MUDSKIN ]_HanByeol Lip Gloss
~DG~ Balls Lips Lelutka Simone
Violent Seduction – Erebus @ The Arcade

Slender Man — Happy Halloween 2016 background from Digital Blasphemy

“I am inside your mind”

"I am inside your mind"

[ MUDSKIN ]_HanByeol Skin [June LeLutka Edition Powder Pack]
::Modish:: Hena Hairbase
[KoKoLoReS] Hair – Leighton
[ MUDSKIN ]_HanByeol Eyes
[ MUDSKIN ]_HanByeol Lashes
S.E LELUTKA BARBIE DOLL Eyeshadow and Lipstick
~DG~ Balls Lips Lelutka Simone
Violent Seduction – Erebus Collar and Dress @ The Arcade
a.t arabic art full tattoo

Dracul — Halloween background from Digital Blasphemy

Brandon Small’s Galaktikon – You Can’t Run Away