First kiss of winter

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Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
.Dokki Doki. Lolly Shape [modified]
more more. yuni skin Exclusive @ Etoile
Sintiklia – Hair Jasmine
{SP!} Spirit eyes
Wednesday[+] Everyday Eyelashes
Zibska ~ Luned Eyemakeup @ ULTRA
-SU!- Bento Piercing Set 02
Zibska ~ Baska Lips @ ULTRA
Erosin – Serrated Ear Series – Healed (contact Nikohl.Hax for these ears)
Violetility – Winter Buddy Necklaces @ The Seasons Story

.::Nanika::. Surprised pose *GIFT*
Footprints in the Snow photo location

“The cold never bothered me anyway”

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Sintiklia – Hair Jasmine
Zibska ~ Pari Eyes, Orbit and Makeup @ BodyFy 08 – 24 December
Zibska ~ Charlie Earrings and Necklace @ On9 09 – 28 December
Zibska ~ Usha Arm Orbits and Tattoo
Zibska ~ Piritta Wrap

::WetCat:: Winter “Front” Prop @ Winter Trend 2017 08 – 22 December
Soy. Window [Here I am]
Violetility – Ornaments @ We Love Roleplay
{anc} dust snow.[two] blow (L)
{anc} dust snow. [two] float

“You deliver me from the pain in my life”

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I’ve begun to realize
That whenever I am with you
You deliver me from the pain in my life
Easy now to recognize
All the misery I have been through
It was beating me to submission
‘Til the day you arrived
Certainly, I felt alive
Strength I had lost was revived
I’m mending inside and we both know why
‘Cause you’re mine
I knew I could be whole if you were mine
I’ll vanquish any foe because you’re mine
Sintiklia – Hair Zoella
::OOPS:: Gothic Bodysuit @ The Darkness Chamber Fair
-::Shinu Made::- Luna OverKnee Socks *NEW*

[ west end ] Poses – Under His Spell – Couples Pose @ Swank

Take a look inside my box…

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Shh. Don’t judge me! Yes, it’s another blog with egosumaii’s marvelous spirit dragons at The Arcade. I already warned you there’d be multiple blogs with these sweet babies! But once you finish drooling over that bento craftsmanship, take a look at the eyeshadow and nails from Dark Passions in the current Pandora’s Box! If cyber goth is your thing, then you definitely need this box. It’s chock full of dark techy goodness!
[CX] Hinotori Kanzashi
Sintiklia – Hair Zoella
Dark Passions – Makeup HUD – Cyber Goth [August Pandora’s Box]
Zibska ~ Callisto Lips @ The Secret Affair
[CX] Internal Wiring Earrings *NEW*
Zibska ~ Lilitu Outfit @ The Secret Affair
DP – Koffin Nails – Cyber Goth [August Pandora’s Box]
+ Blood Dragon + {egosumaii} @ The Arcade

“A summer’s dream had fled”

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I apologize in advance for the many posts using the dragon spirits from egosumaii’s offerings for this month’s The Arcade. I just…really love them. Really. Love. Them. egosumaii included many bento poses to go with the dragons, so I am morally obligated to use as many as possible. ^.^ Also, they are beautifully designed and textured, so the product is – quite simply – one of the most inspiring things I’ve had the pleasure of blogging in Second Life.

Haru no yo no
Yume bakari naru
Te-makura ni
Kainaku tatan
Na koso oshi kere.

If I had made thy proffered arm
A pillow for my head
For but the moment’s time, in which
A summer’s dream had fled,
What would the world have said? ~ The Lady-in-waiting Suwo No Naishi
[CX] Hinotori Kanzashi
Sintiklia – Hair Zoella
Zibska ~ Callisto Eyemakeup @ The Secret Affair
Zibska ~ Callisto Lips @ The Secret Affair
se//mi / Toshiue Red Tattoo
(r)M, Pared-Down Daisy Ring
[CX] Cerberus’ Diseased Claws ( Bento )
Zibska ~ Lilitu Circlet, Outfit and Orbit @ The Secret Affair
+ RARE Single Dragon + {egosumaii} @ The Arcade

Dapplewood (Autumn) @ Digital Blasphemy

Faith of the Father

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“The Japanese conceive themselves the direct descendants of their own gods.” – Percival Lowell Occult Japan

As a blogger, there are some items you know are coming down the pike from a sponsor that you just cannot wait to drop into your hot little hands. The Bento dragon spirit collaboration from {egosumaii} for The Arcade is one of those things! Ever since I saw Aii’s WIP for these wonderful babies, I’ve been drooling and making grabby hands. I’d already assembled the outfit and then when Kaorinette released the latest CURELESS [+] group gift, I nearly hemorrhaged at the perfection.

Many thanks to Zeluren Zerundi (awtan.feden) for embodying my Kami. He is a perfect god. ♥
Sintiklia – Hair Zoella
CURELESS [+] Divine Delineation Body Mod *GROUP GIFT*
(r)M ~ Posture Collar ~ No.03
Violent Seduction – Ume Hime Corset
+ RARE Fierce Dragon Brothers + {egosumaii} @ The Arcade
+ Chinese Lantern + {egosumaii} @ The Arcade

Dapplewood (night) photo overlay @ Digital Blasphemy

오빠, 라면 먹을래?

오빠, 라면 먹을래?//
[ MUDSKIN ]_Mina # 9_104 @ KUSTOM9
Sintiklia – Hair Zoella @ Fetish Fair
-SU!- Luminous Eyes 06
#adored – headstrong shadows – teenage dirtbag edition [August Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
-SU!- Triple Ring Septum Piercing *GROUP GIFT*
[PF] CATWA LIPSTICK Applier – Shimmer Pinks [August Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
[hh] Bunny Fishnet Sweater
DP – Koffin Nails – Summer Popsicle @ Cosmetic Fair

AsteroidBox. Ramyeon Cart @ Whimsical