“If two witches were watching two watches, which witch would watch which watch?”

So much witchy stuff that a witch tongue twister feels very appropriate! Gwen has made an amazingly detailed wandcraft set for We Love Roleplay. It’s perfect decor for any good witch’s lair. And of course the DISORDERLY&.random.Matter. gacha set at Salem fits the bill for a messy spellcaster. But let’s talk about Bcreative’s Absence of Color nails at the Black Fair because they’re tricksies! The top of the nails are either gloss or matte black, but the underside? That’s where the magic happens! You can see the stripes under my nails, right? Isn’t that so cool! Don’t miss out on anything of these goodies. Get scootin’ inworld stat!

click for hires image on flickr

Nyxie Hair – OakLeaf Hair
Violetility – Rivet Glasses @ We Love Roleplay
Zibska ~ Odile Eyemakeup @ Industrie
Zibska ~ Olivie Blush @ Industrie
Zibska ~ Nicole Lips @ Industrie
DP – Koffin Nails – The Absence Of Color @ Black Fair
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Naesala Outfit and Boots

Oracul – SP-001 BOX (Sitting) Pose 7 *FREE ON MP*
Violetility – Witch’s Cottage
AsteroidBox. Lunar Living Gacha – Lunar Canvases
PFC~Alchemist Desk
DISORDERLY&.random.Matter / Potio Magicae / Potion Dome @ Salem
DISORDERLY&.random.Matter / Potio Magicae / Bookstack3 @ Salem
DISORDERLY&.random.Matter / Potio Magicae / Spilled Potion Book @ Salem
DISORDERLY&.random.Matter / Potio Magicae / Bookstack2 @ Salem
AsteroidBox. Lunar Living Gacha – Pagan Year Wheel Table
Violetility – Wandcraft Box @ We Love Roleplay
Violetility – Wandcraft Chisels @ We Love Roleplay
Violetility – Wandcraft Jar @ We Love Roleplay
Violetility – Wandcraft Lathe @ We Love Roleplay
Violetility – Wandcraft Wood @ We Love Roleplay

“내게 웃는 저 얼굴 좀 봐”

Let me introduce you to the nuggets! Jihye dropped down one of these hamsters, and I humorously commented, “You should put down 5 more and we’ll have hamster VIXX!” And she did it, naming each one after a member of VIXX. It’s creepy how the hamsters seem to channel their particular band member. Hyuk is particularly pushy; typical maknae. It’s been a few weeks since the VIXXsters have been roaming the platform, and we’re still not bored! Now on to blogging…

Merlific and Wicca’s Wardrobe have new items for your fashion needs! The Cora Nails are fitted for Maitreya and Vista Bento hands and have a HUD with different French manicure styles and comes with and without the jewels. The nails are different shapes, so that’s unique! Wicca has designed beautiful shoes with a very modern deco feel and a really beautiful tile texture with a color HUD. Be sure to pick up either or both items at their respective events!

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head.to toe
taketomi – CLIQUE002 hair
[ACC](Holly Mill) – Refresh Glasses
.random.Matter. – Momo Earrings – Cherry Bomb
`M.BIRDIE / Leah look-Choker2
nani // calm weekend // dress-a-6 @ The Arcade
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Darcy Heels @ On9
*Merlific* Cora Nails With Jewels [Bento] @ 4Mesh


In the hall of the mountain king

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So yesterday SL gave me the big middle finger to logging in so I could get this blog up and apparently I wasn’t the only one with problems. It was small consolation because I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove me some Vikings! And Violetility offers a crown and detailed chair for this round of The Fantasy Collective. The crown is unisex, so you can drop it on your shield maiden too! The chair has a buttload of different animations, so enjoy scrolling through them like I did. ^.^ Now. Get your butt to The Fantasy Collective. And I am gonna rewatch ‘Vikings’…

no.match_ ~ NO_KINGDOM Hair
Violetility – Jottun Crown @ The Fantasy Collective
.random.Matter. – Rhiannon Necklace
[CX] Spiked Fury Arm Bands
[CX] Fighter’s Mark Arm Guards
…Scars… Leather Pants

Violetility – Viking Stargazer Chair @ The Fantasy Collective


“I jus’ ate, but I could go fer dessert iffins yer willin’…”

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So this is Lithium, and the blog title is totally something he would say. Lithium is my roleplay character at Convergence: The Lost City. He is a Sekhmeti vampire turned at the height of the UK Underground, so he is a punk rockin’ drug fiend with a wickedly dark sense of humor and a serious crush on two very old brothers. So he tries to look tasty as much as possible to entice them. Well, hell, to entice anyone really. He’s a YUGE flirt. Ahahahaha!

lock&tuft – ben hair @ Men Only Monthly
#Foxy – Wide Velvet Choker ‘Monster’
.random.Matter. – Rhiannon Necklace
[CX] Spiked Fury Armbands @ The Men’s Department
Yasum*Signature/Gianni*Gangst’a*Pants @ Men Only Monthly


“Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.” ~ Ronald Reagan

I’M BACK! We survived Hurricane Harvey rather well. We only had power surges and never fully lost power. The flood waters never breached the street curb, and we only saw that high of water one day. Once Harvey downgraded to a tropical storm, though, is when things got dicey. We lost internet, but luckily the data network was available for us to keep track of what was going on around the area. Our internet is back up! And my family is very fortunate, but there is a great swath of Houston that isn’t as lucky. If you have means to help, please choose a charity of your choice to help many Texans recover.

I considered playing catch-up since I took this image before I lost connectivity, but then I said ‘eff it.’ I want to enjoy time with my SL friends without the worry of rushed blogging. God willin’ and the creek don’t rise, blogging will resume as normal. This blog image is rather appropriate, too, because I was in a state of calm and peacefulness when I took it. It reminds me that so much of life is beyond our control – like Harvey – and we have to face such situations with a sense of tranquility. I pray for such comfort for all those affected by Harvey.

click for hires image on Flickr

taketomi – CLIQUE001 Hair *NEW*
Zibska  ~ Deni Eye Makeup @ Uber
Zibska  ~ Lalla Lips @ Uber
^^Swallow^^ Pixie Ears
.random.Matter. – Momo Earrings – Cherry Bomb and Mojito @ Collabor88
AsteroidBox. Luck&Hope Kalla – GoodLuck @ Imaginarium

AsteroidBox. Sowon Fountain @ Kawaii Project

BTS @ Kawaii Project

So I’m in the processing of redesigning my blog since Toxxic Rhiannyr developed a new logo for me. Isn’t is fabulous?! So please forgive the mess and such as I get settled in.

It’s the end of August, so that means school is starting again. Although that time is past for me and I’ve got the student loans to prove it, I wanted to wish good luck to all the returning students with a themed blog post! My partner-in-crime Jihye (on the left) joined me and donated the backdrop and lockers for the shot, as well as giving me the adorable outfit from the summer’s Okinawa Festival, which sorta birthed the whole concept. As a funny side note, Jihye mentioned being confused because the locker gacha is called BTS GACHA and she thought Bangtan Boys rather than Back To School. LOL So BTS is the soundtrack for this blog!

So, without further ado, good luck and have hope, returning students! 화이팅!

click for hires image on flickr

taketomi – CLIQUE001 Hair *NEW*
.random.Matter. – Momo Sunglasses @ Collabor88
.random.Matter. – Momo Earrings – Cherry Bomb and Mojito @ Collabor88
Zibska ~ Dara Eye Makeup [August Catwa Edition Powder Pack] (for Shy on right)
Zibska ~ Mila Blush [August Catwa Edition Powder Pack] (for Shy on right)
Zibska ~ Cady Lips [August Catwa Edition Powder Pack] (for Shy on right)
AsteroidBox. Luck&Hope Kalla @ Imaginarium (for Shy on right)
Hazy. Natsumi Look. outfit gacha.
.:HTM:. Strawberry Pocky Box (for Shy on right)

RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Rama’s Cafe RARE
Mello. Locker Gacha @ Kawaii Project