“All the faces we were wore slings.”

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The street grew only strangers. All the faces we were wore slings. An ingrown arena peered out from our sigh. We spread ourselves out to feel the glass in a crowd. We prayed to a dog, then some flies. Our solo was a burning zither, not a kite.

“Burning Zither” by Eric Baus

Zibska ~ Wiles Mask in Silver @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Zibska ~ Euderyn Shoulders @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Zibska ~ Miri Collar and Orbits @ On9
Zibska ~ Sorina Dress

{anc}bokeh @ The Men’s Department

“Voulez vous coucher avec moi?”

I remember when Iki posted the W.I.P. of this outfit. I drooled at the untextured mesh render, so when this finally popped up in my feed for Epiphany, I think I died for a minute. LOOK AT THE MATERIALS ON IT! The only Photoshop I did was flip the original and erase out the conflicting background. This is a raw shot using WL and LUMIPro only. -drools more- And it goes so well with the Zibska makeup at Cosmetic Fair and her jewelry set at On9. I felt so classy…for once! ^.^

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~Tableau Vivant~ Lucrezia hair
Zibska [Gift] ~ Enne Eyemakeup @ Cosmetic Fair
Zibska ~ Haizea Lips @ Cosmetic Fair
Zibska ~ Eilin Earrings and Necklace @ On9
Violent Seduction – Madame Rosier Outfit @ The Epiphany
erratic / christina – gloves HUD
.04 [ kunst ] – Long Cig Holder [ornamented]
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Anwen Stockings [Applier]

Winter Moon photo location


“내게 웃는 저 얼굴 좀 봐”

Let me introduce you to the nuggets! Jihye dropped down one of these hamsters, and I humorously commented, “You should put down 5 more and we’ll have hamster VIXX!” And she did it, naming each one after a member of VIXX. It’s creepy how the hamsters seem to channel their particular band member. Hyuk is particularly pushy; typical maknae. It’s been a few weeks since the VIXXsters have been roaming the platform, and we’re still not bored! Now on to blogging…

Merlific and Wicca’s Wardrobe have new items for your fashion needs! The Cora Nails are fitted for Maitreya and Vista Bento hands and have a HUD with different French manicure styles and comes with and without the jewels. The nails are different shapes, so that’s unique! Wicca has designed beautiful shoes with a very modern deco feel and a really beautiful tile texture with a color HUD. Be sure to pick up either or both items at their respective events!

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head.to toe
taketomi – CLIQUE002 hair
[ACC](Holly Mill) – Refresh Glasses
.random.Matter. – Momo Earrings – Cherry Bomb
`M.BIRDIE / Leah look-Choker2
nani // calm weekend // dress-a-6 @ The Arcade
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Darcy Heels @ On9
*Merlific* Cora Nails With Jewels [Bento] @ 4Mesh


“Hold to the love that you know”

I love Zibska’s makeup. It gives me life. Every new release gets my creative juices flowing in how I’ll pair it with a look or a particular staging. But I cannot like, though, that when Zib Scaggs releases jewelry sets like this one for On9, staging and outfits become superfluous because…well…JUST LOOK! It’s art on its own! Brynja comes with a color HUD so you can make the set two colors to fit any kind of ensemble you want, and I think this set is quite perfect for my SL merfolk out there! Colorful pearls everywhere!

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~Tableau Vivant~ Snowdrift Hair
Zibska ~ Brynja (brow, face and necklace) @ On9

[ west end ] Poses – Strike a Pose 05 @ 68 Main


Eyes Wide Shut

It takes a great deal of trust to relent the use of a sense to another. Yet denying one sense often enhances another. Lack of slight might alert the ears to hear things otherwise dismissed. Or perhaps scents become more pronounced. Or, better yet, maybe touch becomes so sensitive that a gloved hand on the elbow causes goosebumps to litter the skin, the promise of leather on flesh awakening a hidden part of the soul…

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(r)M Hair, No.45’16
Zibska ~ Adania Eye Makeup @ Shiny Shabby
Zibska ~ Isolde Blush @ Shiny Shabby
Zibska ~ Acacia Lips @ Shiny Shabby
Zibska ~ Fenice Earrings and Necklace @ On9
.: ryvolter :. Alyona Tailored Knit Dress

iDoM \\ The Red Room Skybox
*AF* Capturado Utility Shelf
::WetCat:: “Bound” Blindfold Pose and Prop @ XXX Event

“Accelerated decrepitude.”

"Accelerated decrepitude."

Moon. x [VALE KOER] Hair // – Fatal Horizon *NEW UPDATE*
Zibska ~ Ballard Makeup @ Thereafter
Zibska ~ Ballard Collar and Cuffs @ Thereafter
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Haley Outfit @ Thereafter

FOXCITY. Cute But Psycho-4 Pose @ On9
Ironwood Hills photo location

Broken Time Machine

Broken Time Machine

+Spellbound+ Jezebel Hair
::SG:: Colorama Shadow
::SG:: XoXoGloss Lips
Zibska ~ Amaterasu Earrings, Collar and Necklace @ On9
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Olivia Dress @ The Vintage Fair
DP – Koffin Nails – Totally Tight Tips @ The Vintage Fair

::WetCat:: “Shelby” Vintage PickUp @ The Vintage Fair
KaTink – Nantucket 7 Background

“We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they’re called memories. Some take us forward, they’re called dreams.” ~ Jeremy Irons