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Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Rekt Royalty – Amber Shape
Go&See * Birdy * Skin [Blush Event Exclusive]
{CowTea} Ultimate Fan Sign [RARE] @ Harajuku Event
{CowTea} #2 Ultimate Fan [Miggy] HeadBand – White @ Harajuku Event
taketomi – CLIQUE002 hair
{CowTea} #15 Ultimate Fan Guyliner @ Harajuku Event
Clemmm – Cosmetic Doll Eyes
{CowTea} #13 Ultimate Fan LolliTint Lip Balm @ Harajuku Event
`M.BIRDIE / Yeriel look-TopB 1 Maitreya
`M.BIRDIE / Yeriel look-Skirt 3 Maitreya

{CowTea} Ultimate Fan [Bento] Pose #3 [included with Ultimate Fan Sign]
~*Kawaii Busan KPop Chill Spot*~ photo location

저기요! 갈비 주세요!

This picnic set from AsteroidBox. for PocketGacha gives me life. THERE IS SOJU! AND BEER! MAEKJU! Now all I need are some short ribs for the grill… Nom nom nom!

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taketomi – CLIQUE002 hair
(Holly Mill) – Refresh Glasses
.random.Matter. – Haruhi Ears
`M.BIRDIE / Yeriel look-TopB 1 Maitreya @ The Arcade
AsteroidBox. My Body Gacha – Hands // Knuckle Bash
AsteroidBox. My Body Gacha – Bottom // Double Knee Scrapes
*Merlific* Winter Nails for Women Only Hunt

AsteroidBox. – Little Picnic Set @ PocketGacha

The Devil Wears Erratic

Check out the camera. No, seriously. Check it out! AsteroidBox has an original mesh retro camera on sale for this round of Rewind. It comes a new and worn version, and it can be used as decor or holdable, with a different bento pose for each hand. And you know I hit that 50% off everything Erratic sale! Yes, it was trying af to get on sim, but the wait was worth it. Hopefully Erratic will do a big sale like this again!

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*barberyumyum*T02 hair
Zibska ~ Marlie Eyemakeup @ Uber
Zibska ~ Liese Lips @ Uber
`M.BIRDIE / Leah look-Choker2
^^Swallow^^ Necklace Rosary
erratic / emilia – sweater / lazy
DP – Koffin Nails – Lost Rose – Red @ The Gacha Garden
AsteroidBox. 1940s Camera @ Rewind

SHOKU CITY photo location
This is my photo studio in Shoku City. I am the staff photographer for Shoku Club. If you like Asian-themed sims and Asian pop music, this is the place you need to be! We have live DJs and themed events. Check us out!

“내게 웃는 저 얼굴 좀 봐”

Let me introduce you to the nuggets! Jihye dropped down one of these hamsters, and I humorously commented, “You should put down 5 more and we’ll have hamster VIXX!” And she did it, naming each one after a member of VIXX. It’s creepy how the hamsters seem to channel their particular band member. Hyuk is particularly pushy; typical maknae. It’s been a few weeks since the VIXXsters have been roaming the platform, and we’re still not bored! Now on to blogging…

Merlific and Wicca’s Wardrobe have new items for your fashion needs! The Cora Nails are fitted for Maitreya and Vista Bento hands and have a HUD with different French manicure styles and comes with and without the jewels. The nails are different shapes, so that’s unique! Wicca has designed beautiful shoes with a very modern deco feel and a really beautiful tile texture with a color HUD. Be sure to pick up either or both items at their respective events!

click for hires image on flickr toe
taketomi – CLIQUE002 hair
[ACC](Holly Mill) – Refresh Glasses
.random.Matter. – Momo Earrings – Cherry Bomb
`M.BIRDIE / Leah look-Choker2
nani // calm weekend // dress-a-6 @ The Arcade
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Darcy Heels @ On9
*Merlific* Cora Nails With Jewels [Bento] @ 4Mesh

Ode to Leah

click for hires image on flickr

taketomi has released a new hair with four different styles in the HUD. It comes with the glasses, which help introduce the new k-fashion store (Holly Mill). And let’s take a moment to appreciate the phenomenal poses [ west end ] has been releasing recently. An upcoming blog will showcase a metric ton of couples poses, but the Mag Set – of which I’m using one here – is perfect for editorial images. Don’t miss out!

M.BIRDIE isn’t a new store, but it’s new to me. No matter how long you’ve been on Second Life, there are places you’ve never experienced, and I feel pretty craptastic that I’ve not be privy to M.BIRDIE before last week. BAD SHY! So I’m totally spamming this blog with M.BIRDIE stuff!
taketomi – CLIQUE002 hair *NEW*
(Holly Mill) – Refresh Glasses
`M.BIRDIE / Leah look-Earring2 (right)
`M.BIRDIE / Leah look-Earring3 (left)
`M.BIRDIE / Leah look-Choker2
`M.BIRDIE / Leah look-clothing.A1
`M.BIRDIE / Leah look-shoes Black

[ west end ] Poses Mag Set Center @ The Chapter Four
AMITOMO:HAIKEI photo location

Tickle Me Emo


Lookit that widdle face on the shirt!  I know it’s not new, but it’s new to me! And I totally started singing, “C is for cookie, dat’s good enough for meeee!” Though, honestly, it looks more like a goth Elmo. Tickle Me Emo? Bahahahahahaha!
(r)M Hair, No.53’17 *NEW*
AMERIE M – Boston frame glasses
AMITOMO / Me like yuh GACHA / M / 9 Outfit
M.BIRDIE / Leah look-shoes

[ west end ] Poses – Bardot Set – Single Poses w/Prop @ Cosmopolitan
AsteroidBox. photo location