“Take refuge in the eyes of crows!”

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There is a land where nobody sleeps
not far off – buried in a morning’s grave
the necessity of tenderness laid beneath
a body protests on two knees.

He saw a girl that cried too much,
her life from the knife of monster earth
creatures that wait to keep us quiet
the kiss of a prowl to tie each mouth.

Careful! They sniff the living!
Who rushes out will fall down
broken bones into skeletal corners
the brittle-rattle where creatures creep
the depth of tombs as flesh once did
pain feeds pain and teeth lay thick.

Whosoever is found
will be carried on their shoulders
stalking the earth looking for others
to prey on those who have warm veins.

Take refuge in the eyes of crows!
No one is asleep here,
bad omens have marks where ribs were torn!

The watchman is watching
in silent shoes
he peers into things from the corner of his eye
snakes with waiting tongues
here to feed again
a fang comes closer to her nervous ear. . .

“Be careful out there
we’re waiting where no one’s sleeping
the mummified have shoulders
death sits upon them
red-eyed saliva
with moonlight’s rabid poison
in the hunt for skulls
groping for flesh
to chew on blood.”

Be careful! No one is sleeping here!

Omens have marks where ribs are torn.

“The Girl Who Cried Too Much” by R.D. Stone

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“I know of the leafy paths that the witches take”

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I know of the leafy paths that the witches take
Who come with their crowns of pearl and their spindles of wool,
And their secret smile, out of the depths of the lake;
I know where a dim moon drifts, where the Danaan kind
Wind and unwind their dances when the light grows cool
On the island lawns, their feet where the pale foam gleams.

from “The Withering of the Boughs” by William Butler Yeats

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This is not enough coffee to get me through today…

This is not enough coffee to get me through today...

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“Oh baby you so blind”

"Oh baby you so blind"

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Sunsets and palm trees


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“くもりのない 碧い瞳は 新しい世界に 夢を見て”

"くもりのない 碧い瞳は  新しい世界に 夢を見て"

“Your clear blue eyes
Dream of a new world”

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