“I’m not the apocalypse nor the promised land.”

“I’m not the apocalypse nor the promised land. This is an election, not a war. Whatever happens, the country [Uruguay] will continue moving ahead.” ~ Jose Mujica

Such is the way of the apocalypse. Things are neither good nor bad; they just are. Life continues. Survival wins out. The Remnant event is perfect for those living out their SLife in the end times, and UniCult has two make-up sets available to get you ready for Fury Road. There are Catwa and Omega HUDs and, as you can see, the makeup works on a male head as well.

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UniCult – Steam PunkD 2 @ Remnant. Dark Days
AsteroidBox. Western Collar @ SaNaRae
::GB::Assassin Hoode vest
::GB::Fingerless long gloves @ PocketGacha

AsteroidBox. Jail & Wedding Chapel @ Remnant. Dark Days

“I’m breathing in the chemicals”

Hoooooooshit! Never have I been so glad I have a male avatar to dress up because DAYUM Gabriel… That Dark style Gear is the shiznit! Thank jeebus for the fatpack purchase option. That’s all I’m sayin’. As I was saying in CerberusXing group chat earlier, I had this outfit put together yesterday, but I couldn’t take the picture because…LOOK AT THAT DAMN BAT! Yessir, Cerb is masterful, and Tetanus is just perfect. It comes with clean or bloody bats, and the bento hold pose is included. It is not scripted for combat, but it is mod so you can do it yourself if so inclined.

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Action Inkubator Hair Fast
::: Core ::: Egyptian Eyeliner
GABRIEL / Dark style Gear/ FULL set @ PocketGacha
-Rust Republic- [U will] Tattoo
[CX] Tetanus @ Remnant. Dark Days

DRD – Abandoned Truck – Shelter @ Remnant. Dark Days


“Many sights to see”

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When I look out my window
Many sights to see
And when I look in my window
So many different people to be
That it’s strange, so strange

You’ve got to pick up every stitch
You’ve got to pick up every stitch
You’ve got to pick up every stitch
Mmm, must be the season of the witch
Must be the season of the witch, yeah
Must be the season of the witch

[NYNE] ‘Ferrida’ Hair @ TWE12VE
::GB:: sweater dress *CHRISTMAS GIFT*
[NYNE] Halloween Candy Basket *HALLOWEEN GIFT*
DP – Koffin Nails – Witchy Ways @ Season of the Witch

taikou / 2AM backdrop



The talented hawk hides its claws. I showed a friend this image, and she said “It looks so innocent.” Heh. Me. Innocent. I suppose I can pull it off until I need to not be. It’s got to be the face because the outside is so far from innocent… A shout-out to my new sponsor [NYNE] helping me put together an innocently seductive outfit to show off! -hides her claws behind her back-

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[NYNE] ‘Ossa’ Hair @ The Mad Circus 3
[NYNE] Bra and Slip @ anyBODY
[NYNE] Chill Dress @ anyBODY
[NYNE] Japanese Boots @ anyBODY
-::Shinu Made::- Laced Mandala Tattoo *NEW*

::GB::Akariya night landscape @ Kurenai

Can you come in and play?

Lithium doesn’t have many secrets. He’s not a fan of deception and is fairly transparent in his motivations. So there’s little guessing necessary when Zeluren comes home to his younger Clanmate sprawled across his bed with a case of violet wands nearby. Someone wants to play…

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no.match_ ~ NO_EXCUSE HAIR @ Men Only Monthly
::GB:: Knit jacket & shirt @ The Men’s Department
::GB:: Cotton pants @ The Men’s Department

[DB]Poses – “4am knows all my secrets”
Violetility – Violet Wand Case
Convergence: The Lost City photo location

The constant heart of first love

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What is your substance, whereof are you made,
That millions of strange shadows on you tend?
Since every one hath, every one, one shade,
And you, but one, can every shadow lend.
Describe Adonis, and the counterfeit
Is poorly imitated after you;
On Helen’s cheek all art of beauty set,
And you in Grecian tires are painted new:
Speak of the spring and foison of the year;
The one doth shadow of your beauty show,
The other as your bounty doth appear;
And you in every blessed shape we know.
In all external grace you have some part,
But you like none, none you, for constant heart. ~ William Shakespeare, “Sonnet 53”

[ x ] Stitches [ x ] Shiro CATWA Daniel Bento Shape (modified)
Bento Fox {aii}
Dura-B&G80 Hair @ The Men’s Department
AITUI – Edgy Kimono
::GB:: Boots in pants
::GB:: Double Belt Boots @ Shoetopia

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[ west end ] Poses – Scents of Home – Couple Pose @ Cosmopolitan
[ west end ] Poses – The First Kiss – Couples Pose @ Cosmopolitan

Like Rodin’s The Thinker…

I already featured WetCat’s guitar pose set at Men Only Monthly and here is the other. The stool itself has texture options and the ability to tint (I just used the white base for contrast with my set). As with all WetCat products, there are many poses from which to choose so there will be something that fits your bill. Both are exclusives, so if you don’t get them this round, you’re out of luck! O_O

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Stealthic – Reach Hair
[BODY FACTORY] AssassinS Suit
[Deadwool] Lahood pants
::GB::Belt Boots

::WetCat:: “Settle” Stool EXCLUSIVE @ Men Only Monthly
Violetility – Playroom Skybox