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-Belleza- Mesh Body Jake
Tableau Vivant \\ CATWA Daniel [Nyx] – heavily modified
Tableau Vivant – Unseelie Catwa Applier – Mort vivant 7
Tableau Vivant \\ Belleza Jake skin applier – Mort vivant
Action Inkubator Hair Fast / 1.0
::Odeco::Catwa Mens eyebrow straight
^^Swallow^^ Darkness Ears
RedFish – Mahory Tattoo @ Hipster Men’s Event

DRD – Abandoned Truck – Shelter
TBF Six Pack
Fiasco – Almost A Bed
Agora – Portable tv
AsteroidBox. Little Picnic Gacha – Soju Bottle & Glass
capriccio – komorebi light rays
{anc} fairy light

Netflix and chill?

Lithium wants to show you his new tattoo. Can you come over for some Netflix and chill? ^.^ Many thanks to my new sponsor, RedFish, for seeing something in this goofy blogger.

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BURLEY – Oliver Hair
EF: Corvus Earring (left)
RedFish – Shark Tattoo @ BodyFy
~~ Ysoral ~~ .:Luxe Set Rings Meka :.

Fiasco – Almost A Bed
.peaches. Anarchists Records Scattered
Soy. Record Shelf [full]
AsteroidBox. Record Player

“the rain falls gently, nature rests in dry shelter, i watch safe at my window”

"the rain falls gently, nature rests in dry shelter, i watch safe at my window"

.peaches. The Anarchists Wall Decor @ Rewind
Fiasco – Almost A Bed @ Rewind
::WetCat:: “Beat Junkie” Prop @ Cosmopolitan
Soy. Leather Lobby Bench @ Rewind
[ west end ] Home – Retro Geometric Wall Art @ Swank
[ west end ] Home – Monroe Retro Lamp @ Swank
[ west end ] Home – Dean Memoir Notebook & Postcards @ Swank
[ west end ] Home – Presley Retro Elephants @ Swank
[ west end ] Home – Hepburn Retro Console @ Swank
[ west end ] Home – Funky Retro Rug @ Swank