Blade and soul

Buing and Una collaborated for this round of Lootbox, and it is amazing! This gacha set has some srz video game feels…and I love it! The hair/horns/mask, gold arm accessories, red dress and gold leg accessories are the rares, but a full set of commons will help get your Yun game on!
GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face 
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
NamiiChu ~ x ALTAIR* Artemisia shapes. Genus – Classic/Babyface
okkbye. Sara Genus Skin – #1 RARE
:UNA: & {Buing} Xianni Hair + Bells RARE @ Lootbox
:UNA: & {Buing} Xianni Horns + Mask RARE @ Lootbox
AG. Luminous Eyes
:UNA: & {Buing} Xianni Top Pink @ Lootbox
:UNA: & {Buing} Xianni Dress Red RARE @ Lootbox
:UNA: & {Buing} Xianni WarmerArm R Gold RARE @ Lootbox
:UNA: & {Buing} Xianni Bels Arm L Gold RARE @ Lootbox
[EZ] Izo Katana
:UNA: & {Buing} Xianni Pants Pink @ Lootbox
:UNA: & {Buing} Xianni WarmerLegs Gold RARE @ Lootbox

{CowTea} Catsuka [Bento] Pose #1a
JOMO photo location