“It is impossible to imagine a more complete fusion with nature than that of the Gypsy.” ~ Franz Liszt

Bohemian collab with Ney

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Essences – Anais Skin [November Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
*Besom~ Burn Down Hair
(Yummy) Oracle Head Chain
UniCult – Steam PunkD 1 Eyemakeup @ Remnant. Dark Days
::Modish:: GlitterStuff Eyemakeup and Lips [November Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
.random.Matter. – Reyn Septum *GROUP GIFT*
. a i s l i n g . Nose Chain *GROUP GIFT*
AsteroidBox. Western Collar @ SaNaRae
Wimey: Inex Harness
Moon Elixir – Valkyrie – Bodychain
Moon Elixir – Bohemian Alchemy – Bodychain – RARE
Moon Elixir – Bohemian Alchemy – 5 – Rust Top
^^Swallow^^ Egypt Bento Rings
Bauhaus Movement – Kirin Amor (right)
[sYs] KHALEESI bracelets (left)
erratic / taylor – denim pants

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[ west end ] Poses – Idle Pose 1 Mirror (right)
[ west end ] Poses – My Time – 01
Two Roses – Panorama RealView LandScapes background system
~*GOD*~ Fences
[DDD] Dandesweet Grass
LAGOM – FairyGrass
[noctis] Nature Witch Circle Cauldren
DaD DESIGN “Rustic wood Barrel”
(r)M, Pyrus Studio *NEW*
.peaches. Now That I See You – LANTERNS
Violetility – Summer Roulotte Wagon
AsteroidBox. Star Lights
AsteroidBox. Runic Teller // Brown Drape
[ free bird ] Bone Windchime
[Toiz] tarot rug
{le fil casse} dirty puppy SHADOW
[ zerkalo ] Williams Bedside Barrel Table

“Mostly I miss having you close to me”

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Essences – Anais Skin and Shape [November Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
taketomi – Elena Hair @ KUSTOM9
-SU!- The Darks Eyes
DeeTaleZ *Appliers* “Neon Liquids MU” [November Catwa Edition Powder Pack]


“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ~ Albert Camus

I know I normally wear pale skins, but Essences’ dark tones are very autumnal to me. I tried the Studio Exposure make up on lighter tones, but I preferred this combination and I really love the way NYNE’s new hair ties everything up in a neat little bow.

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Essences – Kira Skin and Shape [October Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
[NYNE] ‘Dagz’ Braids Hair @ Designer Circle
::Modish:: All-About-Eyes (eyes) [October Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
S.E MY BLOOD EYES&LIPS MAKEUP [October Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
Necklace/Earring Back Dangle LKD Gold -RYCA-
Necklace CTC Gold -RYCA-

“Looking for some trouble tonight”

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Young hearts, out our minds
Runnin’ till we outta time
Wild childs, lookin’ good
Livin’ hard just like we should
Don’t care whose watching when we tearing it up
That magic that we got nobody can touch

Looking for some trouble tonight
Take my hand, I’ll show you the wild side
Like it’s the last night of our lives
We’ll keep dancing till we die

Essences – Kira Skin [October Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
*Besom~Roulette Hair
::Modish:: All-About-Eyes (eyes) [October Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
::SG:: Shad Eyeshadow [October Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
The Face ~ Empire ~ Make-up palette (lipstick) [October Catwa Edition Powder Pack]


“Of all the things you choose in life, you don’t get to choose what your nightmares are. You don’t pick them; they pick you.” ~ John Irving

Sooooo much good stuff in October. I love the pairing of Shinu Made’s eyes for the Fancy Event with #adored’s makeup for Powder Pack. And check out the nails! Bcreative has a nifty alternating Halloween color pack for Cosmetic Fair, but it is only for Maitreya. Candy corn nail is my fave!

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Essences – Kira Skin [October Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
“LoQ Hair” BerryJuice (store closed)
-::Shinu Made::- Nightmare Sight – Catwa Eyes Appliers @ Fancy Event
#adored – clownin’ around makeup – jokester [October Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
-::Shinu Made::- Nightmare Tattoo @ Fancy Event
DP – Koffin Nails – Autumn Mix @ Cosmetic Fair

“It’s all just a bunch of hocus pocus!”

Have you watched ‘Hocus Pocus’ yet? It’s a tradition in our house to watch it whenever it comes on television during October. I never get bored of it, and it’s probably my favorite Sarah Jessica Parker role. “Amok, amok, amok!” Be sure to visit the events happening this month to pick up nifty things for Halloween, like the beautiful eyes I got from Enfer Sombre and CerberusXing at The Secret Hideout and the adorable tat from Beauty of Darkness at The Darkness Chamber Fair.

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no.match_ ~ NO_EXCUSE hair
WarPaint* DramaCat Eyeliner
Essences – #Basic Waterline Eyeliner [previous Powder Pack release]
(Enfer Sombre*) Catwa Eye applier – {Albino} (15) @ The Secret Hideout
[CX] Soul Keeper Eyes Set ( CATWA Applier ONLY ) @ The Secret Hideout
Essences [Nurin] lipsticks for Catwa *FREE ON MP*
^^Swallow^^ Darkness Ears @ BLACK FAIR
-BOD- Lil Ghost Tattoo Exclusive @ The Darkness Chamber Fair

“You left a bad taste in my mouth, my Sour Patch Kid”

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You’re just too sweet till you get on my nerves and hurt like cavity
You left a bad taste in my mouth, my Sour Patch Kid
You and me, it’s no mystery, no magic trick
Let me hear this broken record again, just press repeat

I can be your new favorite waste of time, and you’ll be mine
All I want is your attention, it’s all the same thing
Are you in? What’s it gonna be?
Don’t roll with the punches, make it hard for me baby

Drop you like a needle on the record, scratch my itch
Watch you walk in circles hit the beat
Drop you like a needle on the record, flip my switch
Go around in circles, hit the beat

Essences – Lyra Skin and Shape [September Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
(r)M Hair, No.53’17
A R T E – Myst Eyes [September Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
Zibska ~ Gette Eye Makeup [September Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
Zibska ~ Leigh Blush [September Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
Zibska ~ Brii Lips [September Catwa Edition Powder Pack]