“Domination’s the name of the game”

So much perfection in this picture and that’s not even including the unmatchable Zeluren Zerundi! The White Crow has something new for The Men Jail that I just love! It’s a ball-and-chain with a bruises/scratches body applier (Omega), and the prop comes in three versions with or without blood. And I’ve put our sexy asses in front of new stuff from The Bearded Guy. The neon sign is part of the Seduce Me gacha at Kinky and the actual backdrop in the rare from the Bad Switch gacha at Sense.

-Belleza- Mesh Body Jake
Bold & Beauty .: Homme :. Evan Appliers
BURLEY – Oliver Hair
{CowTea} Ultimate Fan Gacha Guyliner
^^Swallow^^ Rox Ears
[CX] Xeno Gauge 2019
[CX] Heavy Duty Collar
-[TWC]- Escape Prop and Applier @ The Men Jail
[CX] Essential Dirty Claws *2019 NEW YEAR GIFT*
[CX] Lance Bracers @ The Men’s Department 

: SenseS: Couple 95 Pose
Neon Signs 1 – Seduce Me – The Bearded Guy @ Kinky Event
Viejo Galpon *RARE* – Bad Switch – The Bearded Guy @ Sense Event

“I’ve accepted who I’m supposed to be”

It’s about time I dusted off Lithium for some piccies and CerberusXing gave me the best reason to do it! The new bracers at The Men’s Department are a.maz.ing. They’re rigged for Jake and Gianni and come in black, indigo, silver and wine. As always, the texturing detail is the best you’ll find in SL. Lith is also sporting 1692’s new bindi at Suicide DollZ, perfect for boys or girls who enjoy the darkest side of the night! And my SL mom looks so innocent, right? LIES! ALL LIES!

-Belleza- Mesh Body Jake
Bold & Beauty .: Homme :. Evan Appliers
Dura-B92 Hair @ The Men’s Department 
{CowTea} Ultimate Fan Gacha Guyliner
UniCult – Allie Eyes
+ 1692 + Sabbath Bindi Set @ Suicide DollZ
^^Swallow^^ Rox Ears
[CX] Peeper Earring (right)
.TeaBunny. Diamond Chain Earring (left)
[CX] Kuze Collar
BOYS TO THE BONE natt tank
[CX] Essential Dirty Claws *2019 NEW YEAR GIFT*
[CX] Lance Bracers @ The Men’s Department 

[Limbe(r) Poses] – Devil on your shoulder
The House – Emerson&Emanuel – The Bearded Guy RARE

“And you make my life feel like a movie”

UniCult has two new offerings to help beautify your avatar a little more: a new set of (green-toned) Catwa and Omega eye appliers for Palette (including a set of mesh eyes) and Catwa lashes for Salon 52. Fetch’s new glasses add icing to an already lovely cake!

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara 
Rekt Royalty – Amber Shape 
more more. yuni skin_milk
[ Conviction ] The Claws V.2 – Essential
#Foxy – Lovesick Hair
[Fetch] Alicia Glasses *NEW*
:: MOMOCHUU :: Celina Ears 
duckie . face scar
UniCult – Liv Lashes @ Salon 52
CURELESS [+] Yuurei Eyes / PURGATORY (left)
UniCult – Eden Eyes for Palette Event (right)
Veechi – Pin Up Liner
{Xuxu} Dark Lips
ALTAIR* & [CX] cheongsam dress

Mirage photo location

“Punk, so come and get it”

The White Crow has a new release at The Men’s Department. It’s a set of face and body wounds with metal beard and septum piercing. IT’S SO GOOD! There are different colors or metals for the adornments and the Omega appliers come in three different darkness levels. So. Good. And I’m showing off another The Bearded Guy backdrop at The Liaison Collaborative…BREAK IT!

-Belleza- Mesh Body Jake
Bold & Beauty .: Homme :. Evan Appliers
[BURLEY] – Ramirez Hair
{CowTea} Ultimate Fan Gacha Guyliner
Avi-Glam / Pretty Eyes (right)
-[TWC]- Proud Face Tats and Jewelry @ The Men’s Department
^^Swallow^^ Rox Ears
[CX] Peeper Earring (right)
.TeaBunny. Diamond Chain Earring (left)
[CX] Essential Dirty Claws *2019 NEW YEAR GIFT*
::GB:: Cyber Elysion Pants (Belleza) Blue @ CYBER/PUNK Fair 

Break It – Technologic Vol. 2 – The Bearded Guy @ The Liaison Collaborative

Blue Monday

Do not judge the amount of cyber stuff I’m going to be sporting. CYBER/PUNK Fair by Flair for Events is chock full of amazing stuff, like the face tats and oxygen tube from The White Crow and eyes from UniCult. I know you see all that other fancy stuff and the details are below! And the last of Taketomi’s new hair releases gives me serious GOT7 feels. ^_^

-Belleza- Mesh Body Jake
Bold & Beauty .: Homme :. Evan Appliers
taketomi – JB hair *NEW*
{CowTea} Ultimate Fan Gacha Guyliner
Avi-Glam / Pretty Eyes (right)
UniCult – Aeon/Cyber Optic Eyes (left) @ CYBER/PUNK Fair
^^Swallow^^ Rox Ears
-[TWC]- Hazard Face Tats and Tube @ CYBER/PUNK Fair
-SU!- Bento Piercing Set 03 Nose Rings
::GB:: Cyber Elysion Vest (Belleza) RARE @ CYBER/PUNK Fair
RedFish – Cyber Tattoo
[Cubic Cherry] {Ekion} arms augments (right) @ CYBER/PUNK Fair
ANTINATURAL[+] Oriax Cybernetic Hands (left) @ CYBER/PUNK Fair

[HD] Arm adjustable Bento pose *BASIC-M*
Liquid – Dawnbreaker Backdrops – The Bearded Guy 

“Everything’s been so messed up here lately”

Taketomi has released four new hairs this month at the mainstore, two female and two male. This one of the male hairs and if you love K-Pop, you’ll know exactly after whom this one is modeled! But check out the decor! AsteroidBox’s set at The Epiphany is dark and disturbing and completely perfect! Only the table and chairs set is rare, and the TV I used is the exclusive, but there is a common TV in the st as well.

-Belleza- Mesh Body Jake
Tableau Vivant \\ CATWA Daniel [Nyx] – heavily modified
Tableau Vivant – Unseelie Catwa Applier – Mort vivant 7
Tableau Vivant \\ Belleza Jake skin applier – Mort vivant
#taketomi – YuGyeom hair *NEW*
-SU!- Bento Piercing Set 03 Nose Rings
^^Swallow^^ Rox Ears
[CX] Peeper Earring @ The Seasons Story
M;A< Strapped Hoodie @ The Men’s Department
*Bolson / Tattoo – Mirai @ Neo-Japan
GAS [MESH Shorts Frank]

MINIMAL – The Hideout skybox
AsteroidBox. Darling, I’m A Mess @ The Epiphany
– Bonus Knife
– Table
– No Signal TV (exclusive)
– Table Lamp
– Dirty Dishes
– Record Player – Red
– Bloody Rug
– Pin Board w/ Knives
– Picture Frame
.peaches. Peach-A-Bet Cereal
DRD – Series 01 – Giant Attic Pile – Dark

“And if you’re lucky then the god’s a she”

I don’t see how anyone is going to have Lindens left after this found of The Epiphany. Make sure you spend some time at Violent Seduction’s gacha to collect this beautiful set for Maitreya. There are five different color choices (black, pink, red, teal and white), 20 commons (stole, bento gloves, collar and shoes) and 6 rares (dress with HUD).

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara 
Cataclasm – Shape 001 (SOLD OUT)
[Glam Affair] Loly Applier
taketomi – TaeYeon hair *NEW*
-SU!- Dot Eyeliner
-SU!- Haruko Eyes #17 Blind Set RARE (right eye)
AG. Luminous Eyes (left eye)
Ichigo* – Love Tag Glasses
-SU!- The Matte Lip Essentials
Violent Seduction – Madame Chungking @ The Epiphany
*Bolson / Tattoo Mirai (face and body) Exclusive @ Neo-Japan
[CX] Monstrum Kiseru

{CowTea} Snobby [Bento] Pose 5
FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Alley @ KUSTOM9