Roleplay was the reason my Shyralei avatar was created and roleplay continues to be one of the main reasons I log on to Second Life. I have experienced a great many fabulous roleplay sims (The Fallen and Mystara to name a few) and just as many horrible ones, which I will not mention here. One roleplay experience rises above all the rest, though, where I have created indelible stories and made phenomenal friends: Convergence.

Convergence: The Lost City is an immersive dark modern fantasy roleplay community. I was not blessed to have been a part of CV1, but I got in at CV2 and have found a permanent roleplay family because of it. When CV2 ended several months ago so the owners could enjoy real life for a change, I slowly resigned myself to never quite experiencing the same caliber of global and factional storytelling as I enjoyed there. Then the best news arrived! CV3 was a thing! And CV3 is now open!


If you like your fantasy roleplay mixed with sci-fi, then this is the place for you! The lore of CV3 is rich and informative, but you don’t need to be expert in it to participate in this new world of Juniper. Staff and veteran players are helpful before and after the application process, and there is a Discord channel for questions, information and socialization!

CV3_001smThe build of CV3 meets just about every aesthetic you could imagine. The planetary level is called the Depths. It is the raw, wild and radiated nature of Juniper and it is inhabited. This is where the food, water and other natural resources of the planet are harvested. It’s not for the faint of heart or weak because no one really knows what lays beyond the settled areas of the Depths.


All manner of interesting flora and fauna exists in the Depths including bio-luminescent plants humans would expect to see in deep caves or underwater. That’s because Fornax Station blocks most of the sunlight! Technological advances are not widely accepted down here and there are those who believe all the gadgetry of the space station is destroying the planet. It’s a more humble life in the Depths.


The Rockfang vigilantly and often violently deal with outsiders, so mind the warnings and tread lightly near their territory. It’s anyone’s guess if the pools of liquid are irradiated water or blood. (I caught a wild Z – the sim owner – decorating while I was taking pictures. Mind the purple plushie!)


Above the Depths is the Tear, what you might call the slums of Fornax Station, but it is completely radiation free because of its unique position in the middle of the habitation strata. This is Windmill Isle, home of the Traversers, the only faction allowed to practice Portalcrafting legally. They are responsible for the portals which allow quick travel in New Convergence.


The Tear is home to all the amenities you’d expect of a blue-collar town. Ships prefer to dock here to avoid the nosiness of ZetaCorp and because it is completely radiation-free, it’s a popular place for meetings and socialization. All the delights and dangers of any fast-paced urban city exist in the Tear as well.

CV3_006sm CV3_007sm

It’s definitely a livelier way of life in the Tear. Want to leave out your Blade Runner fantasies? You can do it here. And they have tacos on Juniper, so what more do you need?! Oh yeah, water. You might want water. The tear is the most water-poor of the three habitations, without the ground water of the Depths and the rain of the Reach.


The top level of habitation is the Reach and that is where the elite live. ZetaCorp rules supreme here and most if not all of the technological advancements come from the Reach. It’s a good mix of Blade Runner and Altered Carbon on the top level, and you definitely have to mind your Ps and Qs. Big Brother is watching!


The only fully-functional hospital is in the Reach. Any kind of legal (and guaranteed to work) augmentation is acquired here as well. Citizens of the Reach get free anti-radiation medication, which is necessary considering they tap radiation to light the buildings. The research and development done by ZetaCorp certainly makes life a little easier for those living in the Reach, but at what cost?

CV3_010smWater is not as easily available in the Reach because it is acquired from rain or atmosphere-capture. Food is grown in special tanks, or purchased elsewhere and augmented for consumption. Being the science hub of New Convergence, ZetaCorp owns many patents for important formulas, like the anti-radiation medications. They also control the voluntary servitude process and population through the process of Memory Deduction, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Do you think CV3 is for you? If you like paragraph roleplay, interesting characters and well-developed story lines, then yes it is! Come be a part of a creative family. Come find Convergence: The Lost City!