“Show me how defenseless you really are”

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[CX]&[ContraptioN] Untamed Collar
[CX] Fighter’s Mark
[Gild] Around rope pants

Violetility – Peasant Bed @ We Love Roleplay
As with my previous post, my SLubbeh Rith Valiant staged this scene to showcase a sponsor’s creation(s). All I did was lay out the marvelously-textured bed from Violetility for this round of We Love Roleplay, and he did the rest! I’m still working on my staging skills and I learn from his keen decorative eye every time he does something like this for me. Thank you, bbkins! ♥


“The cold never bothered me anyway”

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Sintiklia – Hair Jasmine
Zibska ~ Pari Eyes, Orbit and Makeup @ BodyFy 08 – 24 December
Zibska ~ Charlie Earrings and Necklace @ On9 09 – 28 December
Zibska ~ Usha Arm Orbits and Tattoo
Zibska ~ Piritta Wrap

::WetCat:: Winter “Front” Prop @ Winter Trend 2017 08 – 22 December
Soy. Window [Here I am]
Violetility – Ornaments @ We Love Roleplay
{anc} dust snow.[two] blow (L)
{anc} dust snow. [two] float


저기요! 갈비 주세요!

This picnic set from AsteroidBox. for PocketGacha gives me life. THERE IS SOJU! AND BEER! MAEKJU! Now all I need are some short ribs for the grill… Nom nom nom!

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taketomi – CLIQUE002 hair
(Holly Mill) – Refresh Glasses
.random.Matter. – Haruhi Ears
`M.BIRDIE / Yeriel look-TopB 1 Maitreya @ The Arcade
AsteroidBox. My Body Gacha – Hands // Knuckle Bash
AsteroidBox. My Body Gacha – Bottom // Double Knee Scrapes
*Merlific* Winter Nails for Women Only Hunt

AsteroidBox. – Little Picnic Set @ PocketGacha

“Your love’s a mirage, honey”

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*TKW* Shino Hair
::SG:: Lud Makeup [November Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
[CX] Berry Lipstick Set
+HILU+A Midsummer Night’s Dream RARE
Blueberry – Mykonos / COMMON / Bra – Maitreya
Violent Seduction – Ume Hime Shoes

[Merak] – TeaHouse
{LORE} Marrakesh Curtains
Sway’s [Laurel] Window Blind
Trompe Loeil – Snowpile
AsteroidBox. Stone Lantern @ Okinawa
AsteroidBox. Paper Lantern Gift @ Okinawa
AsteroidBox. Kadomatsu @ Okinawa
Violetility – Yuzu Onsen @ Kurenai
capriccio – Komorebi Mesh Sunlight
{anc} bokeh
{anc} dust snow
{anc} snow ground


“It is impossible to imagine a more complete fusion with nature than that of the Gypsy.” ~ Franz Liszt

Bohemian collab with Ney

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Essences – Anais Skin [November Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
*Besom~ Burn Down Hair
(Yummy) Oracle Head Chain
UniCult – Steam PunkD 1 Eyemakeup @ Remnant. Dark Days
::Modish:: GlitterStuff Eyemakeup and Lips [November Catwa Edition Powder Pack]
.random.Matter. – Reyn Septum *GROUP GIFT*
. a i s l i n g . Nose Chain *GROUP GIFT*
AsteroidBox. Western Collar @ SaNaRae
Wimey: Inex Harness
Moon Elixir – Valkyrie – Bodychain
Moon Elixir – Bohemian Alchemy – Bodychain – RARE
Moon Elixir – Bohemian Alchemy – 5 – Rust Top
^^Swallow^^ Egypt Bento Rings
Bauhaus Movement – Kirin Amor (right)
[sYs] KHALEESI bracelets (left)
erratic / taylor – denim pants

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[ west end ] Poses – Idle Pose 1 Mirror (right)
[ west end ] Poses – My Time – 01
Two Roses – Panorama RealView LandScapes background system
~*GOD*~ Fences
[DDD] Dandesweet Grass
LAGOM – FairyGrass
[noctis] Nature Witch Circle Cauldren
DaD DESIGN “Rustic wood Barrel”
(r)M, Pyrus Studio *NEW*
.peaches. Now That I See You – LANTERNS
Violetility – Summer Roulotte Wagon
AsteroidBox. Star Lights
AsteroidBox. Runic Teller // Brown Drape
[ free bird ] Bone Windchime
[Toiz] tarot rug
{le fil casse} dirty puppy SHADOW
[ zerkalo ] Williams Bedside Barrel Table

“I’m too much for your sweet tooth.”

Candy Fair is open. Have you guessed yet? There’s probably an extraordinary amount of of sweet cuteness filling your feeds, so just embrace it! Everyone needs a little kawaii. ♥

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nani // miwako hair
Zibska ~ Sherbert Eyemakeup @ Candy Fair
Zibska ~ Cheekies Gift @ Candy Fair
Zibska ~ Taffy Lips @ Candy Fair
-Nomi-Alice Tea Time 02-XSHatter
fri. – Jane Warmers
.: TAOX :. TaTToo & Applier – Stroll Through The World Of Alice
.Identity. Body Shop – Rabbit Hole Leg Tattoo
[ west end ] Beauty – Unicorn Nail Polish (Maitreya)

Violetility – Confetti Cake Couch and Pouf @ Candy Fair
AsteroidBox. Fairest of Them All Makeup and Mirror Set @ Enchantment