Downloading upgrades

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Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
.Dokki Doki. Lolly Shape [modified]
more more. yuni skin Exclusive @ Etoile
(r)M Hair, No.50’17
Violetility – Holomask and Visor
Zibska ~ Valentia Duo Lips
[Neurolab Inc.] NX-6 COLLAR
RedFish – Cyber Tattoo @ The Darkness Chamber Fair
*LX* Tube Top Midnight
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Deanna Wrap-Panty

<micamee> Chie Pose *GROUP GIFT*
Cocoon – Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Roleplay photo location

The scales are in our favor

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On Shy
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
.Dokki Doki. Lolly Shape [modified]
more more. yuni skin Exclusive @ Etoile
.Shi Hair : Street Chic Hair
Cheonsa [1004] – Pastel Eye Makeup
[CX] Vermin Nose Chain
{Xuxu} Dark Lips – Ruby
Meva Punk Collar
Razor /// Chambers Shirt
=Zenith=Leather Bandage Legging
+ Profane Guardian RARE + {egosumaii}

Oh Tristyn
-Belleza- Mesh Body Jake
Triste Ian Stanley Bento Shape
Tableau Vivant \\ Nyx Skin
Stealthic – Haunting Hair
^^Swallow^^ Punky Ears
CURELESS [+] Implanted Mask
::GB:: Skart with pants & Boots
+ RARE Fierce Dragon Brothers + {egosumaii}

{anc} bokeh
[DDD] Creeping Fog
AsteroidBox. photo location

“I will be your sail if you’ll be my shore”

Lithium may be a vampire, but he clings to his humanity for as long as he possibly can. For all the travesties of his life prior to Embrace, there are worthwhile memories and some of his most tranquil experiences happened on stage while performing. Music has always been a safe place for the Sekhmeti, before and after his turning and as he sees his first New Year in Convergence, Lithium takes account of all the blessings he has embraced in the last ten months of his life there.

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-Belleza- Mesh Body Jake
Tableau Vivant \\ CATWA Daniel [Nyx] – heavily modified
Tableau Vivant – Unseelie Catwa Applier – Mort vivant 7
Tableau Vivant \\ Belleza Jake skin applier – Mort vivant
Tableau Vivant \\ Dagon hair @ Men Only Monthly
[Deadwool] Slicked back hairbase
::Odeco::Catwa Mens eyebrow straight
Zibska ~ Colier Eyemakeup @ The Makeover Room
^^Swallow^^ Darkness Ears
EF: Corvus Earrings
+AH+ Wry Bento Piercings
::AME:: Caethiwo Collar
The Costume Box: Amber Necklace
::GB:: Loose Velour jacket @ Man Cave Event

*!R.O!* In the End BENTO pose w/ Mesh Mic and Mesh Speaker *FREEBIE*
Convergence: The Lost City photo location

Just me and my shadow…

Something is amiss in Convergence…

Rumors spread through the city of some sort of massive creature of shadows that seems to be stalking one of the quarantine zones. Numerous people have seen the creature and have noted its similarities to many creatures of the Dark, but no interactions with the creature or injuries seem to have been recorded. Apparently it flees or disappears when anyone attempts to attack it.

One citizen called it, “The ugly little brother of a Voidskreeth.”

Is it safe in the shadows? Lithium might find out. Want to discover for yourself? Join Convergence: The Lost City.

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Tableau Vivant \\ CATWA Daniel [Nyx] – heavily modified
Tableau Vivant – Unseelie Catwa Applier – Mort vivant 7
*Dura-Boy*63 Hair
::Odeco::Catwa Mens eyebrow straight
Olivieri – Vivian (Light) Eyes
Zibska ~ Colier @ The Makeover Room
^^Swallow^^ Darkness Ears
EF: Corvus Earrings
+AH+ Wry Bento Piercings
DeeTaleZ *Appliers* Catwa Heads “Lipstick transparent gloss”
The Costume Box: Amber Necklace
FAKEICON / helix anorak shirt

Paparazzi – BACKDROP – Apartment Fire Escape

New year, new me!

2018 is quickly approaching, and it’s traditionally the time when we make resolutions to better ourselves in the new year. Ain’t gonna lie… 2017 sucked for me. I lost my mother early in the year, and it soured all the holidays following, including Christmas. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to honor my her better by living life rather than spectating it. She wouldn’t want me to be a mourning hermit, so I’m resolving to shed that mantle in 2018!

What are some of your resolutions?

AsteroidBox. captures a popular one in the New Year set for the Gacha Guardians. It includes an antioxidant smoothie, flat screen TV, gym membership lanyard, hand weights in three different colors, a jump rope in two different colors, a New Year planner, a shoe box in two different colors and the rare is a couch with animations and a color HUD. The fitness posters are gifts and exclusive to the event. Don’t miss out on a fun and unique gacha to start your 2018 right!

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“We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis.” ~ LeeAnn Taylor

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DAMI HANBOK GACHA -hat *6 (store closed)
[RA] Wicca Hair
DAMI HANBOK GACHA S *6 (store closed)

::WetCat::&Bee.Designs “Immersed” Set [Bento] @ Cosmopolitan
AsteroidBox. Tiny Room *GROUP GIFT*
AsteroidBox. Calligraphic Curses @ Lootbox
The wall scripts are exclusives to this gacha so be sure to make a play for them before they go away!
8f8 – serene sanctuary – Bamboo Rug
8f8 – serene sanctuary – Grass Frame Rectangular
8f8 – serene sanctuary – Sakura Vase

“Show me how defenseless you really are”

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[CX]&[ContraptioN] Untamed Collar
[CX] Fighter’s Mark
[Gild] Around rope pants

Violetility – Peasant Bed @ We Love Roleplay
As with my previous post, my SLubbeh Rith Valiant staged this scene to showcase a sponsor’s creation(s). All I did was lay out the marvelously-textured bed from Violetility for this round of We Love Roleplay, and he did the rest! I’m still working on my staging skills and I learn from his keen decorative eye every time he does something like this for me. Thank you, bbkins! ♥