Practice makes perfect

Practice. That’s what Nyxander said to do. Lithium’s first Illusion magic lesson had been informative, but any success he had with his attempts was fleeting. So…practice. He sets up just outside the tea house, leaving his guitar case open for generous souls because why shouldn’t he make some cash while performing? The young vampire sits on the curb, guitar across his lap, tuning the strings before getting to ‘work.’

Lithium pulls down the mask to hook beneath his chin and his fingers easily begin the familiar introduction of “Dust in the Wind.” The unamplified electric guitar sounds far less annoying in the reasonably peaceful environment and when he begins to sing, whatever strident sounds emit from the instrument are overshadowed by the Sekhmeti’s deep and melodic voice.

No one really pays him any mind until Lithium actually starts practicing the new magic he is learning. Drawing upon the magic of his vampiric blood, the songster slowly alters the sound of the guitar to a cello while he continues to sing. That gets attention. Patrons pause, looking for the device that is altering the sound of the instrument. Lithium cannot keep that going for very long; he’s entirely not skilled in Illusion magic. Yet continued attempts with different instruments get coins, bills and a few phone numbers dropped into the guitar case. Not a bad day for practice!

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BeusamexBeusy: Eli #1 Hairstyle / Grizzly Gacha COMMON
:::Breath:::chain mask+hoodie@ Men Only Monthly
Legal Insanity – Logan pants
[Deadwool] Strider boots

::WetCat:: “Guitar Solo” street musician EXCLUSIVE @ Men Only Monthly
Convergence: The Lost City Silk District photo location

“And I dress this way just to keep them at bay”

Can you tell it’s getting close to October? I CAN AND I’M SO HAPPY! Fall is my favorite season and Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I’m in blogger heaven this time of year. And there’s no better way to start it off than with this beautifully detailed mask from Violetility for the Secret Affair!

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Violetility – Avem Helm @ The Secret Affair

Anvil (Night) from Digital Blasphemy

“Come Out and Play”

Lithium’s decision to send the text was a good one. Music is a universal language apparently, even to someone as old and set-in-his-ways as Nyxander. Bridges have been mended and new bonds formed. So a much happier and much sassier Lithium now awaits his two favorite old-as-dirt vampires to come out and play. ^.^

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[Deadwool] Slicked back hair @ Man Cave
::GB::Strap open shirt
: CULT : Kilt Set (kilt and boots) @ Man Cave
[CX] Aeshma’s Reign @ The Secret Affair

Apple Spice – Holding Pole Pose 001
Convergence: The Lost City photo location

“Need a little time to wake up”

OMG ZIBSKA GIVES ME LIFE! Once I unpacked and ogled the stuff for We Love Roleplay, I immediately got this sort of dryad idea going and as I worked on incorporating the raw image with a background, my avatar became a morning glory, slowing waking to the dawning sun after a dark, turbulent night…

“All your dreams are made
When you’re chained to the mirror and the razor blade
Today’s the day that all the world will see
Another sunny afternoon
Walking to the sound of my favorite tune
Tomorrow never knows what it doesn’t know too soon
Need a little time to wake up
Need a little time to wake up wake up
Need a little time to wake up
Need a little time to rest your mind”

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Zibska ~ Gillen Headpiece, Orbit and Collar @ We Love Roleplay
.Olive. the Steffi Hair
Zibska ~ Belasco Brow Ext. @ We Love Roleplay
Zibska ~ Belasco Ext. Makeup @ We Love Roleplay
Zibska ~ Belasco Lip Ext. @ We Love Roleplay

[ west end ] Poses – Strike a Pose 01 @ 68 Main

“F*%k it.”

Lithium pressed his back against the metal pole supporting the noodle cart’s canopy and slowly slid down to sit on the ground. It was early, way too early for most, but sleeping hadn’t been easy since the Big Fight. He slipped his phone from a vest pocket and stared at the black screen for several moments before swiping it active with his thumb. ‘Do I send this?’ the Sekhmeti vampire asked himself. He had recorded himself playing a folk song on his oud with the intent of sending it to Nyxander, but the Brit was wary of making things worse with the Spartan. It was perhaps five minutes of staring at the attached audio file before Lithium clicked his pierced tongue against the back of his teeth and said, “Fuck it.” He clicked send and pocketed the phone again.

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::K:: Trucker Vest Homme
::GB::Color rollup jeans
::GB::Trekking Layer Boots

[DB]Poses – “the day before”
Convergence: The Lost City photo location

“A digital frontier to reshape the human condition.”

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Kevin Flynn: The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships? motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see. And then, one day…
7-Year-Old Sam Flynn: You got in.
Kevin Flynn: That’s right, man. I got in.
from “Tron: Legacy”

Awwwwwyis! Wicca Merlin has created an amazing cyber suit for the round of We Love Roleplay. The hair is a cap-plate of coils with a HUD capable of making clusters different colors. The helmet, suit and boots are HUD-driven with many selections enabling you to get the perfect cyber-futuristic look. Roleplay at INSILICO? You need this!
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Tracer Hair @ We Love Roleplay
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Trooper Helmet @ We Love Roleplay
(r)M, AD(o.02)-Posture Collar
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Taera Outfit @ We Love Roleplay

[ west end ] Poses – Gisele Set – Single Poses @ SWANK
Neurolab Inc. photo location

In the hall of the mountain king

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So yesterday SL gave me the big middle finger to logging in so I could get this blog up and apparently I wasn’t the only one with problems. It was small consolation because I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove me some Vikings! And Violetility offers a crown and detailed chair for this round of The Fantasy Collective. The crown is unisex, so you can drop it on your shield maiden too! The chair has a buttload of different animations, so enjoy scrolling through them like I did. ^.^ Now. Get your butt to The Fantasy Collective. And I am gonna rewatch ‘Vikings’…
no.match_ ~ NO_KINGDOM Hair
Violetility – Jottun Crown @ The Fantasy Collective
.random.Matter. – Rhiannon Necklace
[CX] Spiked Fury Arm Bands
[CX] Fighter’s Mark Arm Guards
…Scars… Leather Pants

Violetility – Viking Stargazer Chair @ The Fantasy Collective