“You say bark, I say bite”

Awww yeah! Dusted off Lithium to show off Kio’s release for today’s The Saturday Sale. The outfit is rigged for Jake and Signature, and it includes the armband, tank, belt and pants. The pants come in four different colors and you can change the tank color via the HUD. I am also wearing The White Crow’s release at Man Cave that comes with the eye patch and an Omega scar applier. The patch comes in several different styles and the applier comes in dark or light. And The Bearded Guy has a sporty backdrop gacha at Man Cave as well, one of which I’m showing off now!

-Belleza- Mesh Body Jake
Bold & Beauty .: Homme :. Evan Appliers
-[TWC]- Veteran Eye Patch and Scar Applier @ Man Cave
[ Pity Party ] Mermaid Gacha Omega { Sky } @ Mermaid Cove 2
^^Swallow^^ Rox Ears
[CX] Xeno Gauge 2019
::GB:: Take me leash 2018{M} (Bento)
::GB:: Punk Chain choker
-[TWC]- Escape Torso Bruises Applier
=Kio= Get Wrecked Outfit for 7/20 The Saturday Sale
[CX] Essential Dirty Claws *2019 NEW YEAR GIFT*
[CX] Lance Bracers

::WetCat:: “Distressed” Poses [Bento]
Two Wheels – Sporting Spark – The Bearded Guy @ Man Cave

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