Trailer park sirens

click for hires image on flickr

Nic’s version
Slink Physique Hourglass Petite Chest Augment
Slink Physique Hourglass Mesh Body
Rekt Royalty – Amber Shape
[700] Kokoro Tokimeki gacha RARE (Kokoroskin)
HentaiBody Enhancement_MERCIER
+Spellbound+ Kiki Hair
[CX] Calamitous Eyeshadow Set
{S0NG} :: Runa Eyes
-SU!- Bento Piercing Set 03 Nose Rings and Labret Piercing
[CX] Calamitous Lipstick Set
{Vixen} – MOXIE collars
[*K*] Rocker Rings
-SU!- Livana Nails .GothBabe.
[CX] Barrel Slingshots *Updated for Slink Petite and Belleza Freya*

{CowTea} ShyGirlsClub [Bento] Pose #1b
Garden by anc dotty wild grass {bouquet}
T-Spot Design trees
Violetility – Tumbleweed Home
-DRD- Trailer Park – Meemaw Dont Play Set
!:P:! * Landline * Exemplar

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