Feels like home


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Lithium hasn’t taken to the advanced technology of New Convergence just yet and while he lives and works on a spaceship, the Sekhmeti vampire often finds himself lingering in the Red Zone because it reminds him so much of the Silk District from New Earth…before the Dark swallowed the planet whole.

-Belleza- Mesh Body Jake
Tableau Vivant \\ CATWA Daniel [Nyx] – heavily modified
Tableau Vivant – Unseelie Catwa Applier – Mort vivant 7
Tableau Vivant \\ Belleza Jake skin applier – Mort vivant
BURLEY – Peep Hair @ The Men’s Department
::Odeco::Catwa Mens eyebrow straight
+AH+ Casual Goth Bento Piercings
+AH+ Wry Bento Piercings
::AME:: Caethiwo Collar
.Identity. Body Shop – Great Power Tattoo
::GB:: Asymmetry tank With bag @ Equal10
[CX] Kizami Drone
: CULT : Shane Rings
AsteroidBox. Metal Promise Ring *GROUP GIFT*
::GB:: Leather Style Gacha – Zip pocket pants / Gray

Convergence: The Lost Planet – Red Zone photo location

Red Zone:  The sex trade is always lucrative.  And in a poor area, it can be quite the draw for a great many who are down on their luck with no other skills.  In the Red Zone, an area built to slightly resemble pictures of the lovely Silk District of Old Convergence, almost any perverse delight a person could enjoy might be found.  A few of those who work there are brothel-owned Volse, people who have sold themselves into Voluntary Servitude in return for a tidy cash sum at the end of their term.  But many others are simply employed normally, plying their trade for what credits they can.  The dream of many is to end up working as an Oiran, fabulously wealthy escorts who set the trend for fashion and entertainment, and who become stars and status symbols, often appearing on stage as singers or dancers, or performing on Exos League yachts.  There are only three Oiran at any time, who need not be female, the Red Oiran of Romance, the White Oiran of Artistry, and the Black Oiran of Mystery.  Each of them has up to two apprentices, or Maiko, often almost as celebrated as the Oiran themselves.  However, most of the sex workers are ranked much lower, mid-ranked Tayu or Courtesan, all the way down to the lowest ranking, of Veshya, more commonly simply termed “whore”.  The party in charge of the Red Zone is known as the Red Mistress or Red Master, and they skim a certain percentage of the profit to pay back to the Guild.

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