Dr. Fox is in!

click for hires image on flickr

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Cataclasm – Shape 001 *SOLD OUT*
{S0NG} Hana Skin
CURELESS [+] Collyrium Eyes
Alchemy – Foxy – Snow Outfit – RARE + TAIL @ Lootbox
Tableau Vivant \\ Kai hair
:: MOMOCHUU :: Kitsune Face Tattoo Red
Zibska ~ Vali Eyemakeup, Lips, Collar and Cascade @ The Liaison Collaborative
UC_Pure_shirt_Maitreya @ FaMESHed
JIAN Kindred Kitsunes 2. W&R Five-Tails (Companion)

SP-001 Static Pose (Woman) P0581-Sitting *FREE ON MP*
Violetility – Lorkyn’s Desk @ We Love Roleplay
AsteroidBox. Calligraphic Curses – Curse Tree
[noctis] rusty oil lamp 5
AsteroidBox. Calligraphic Curses – Writing Set
[noctis] row of old and damaged books
[noctis] ivy and pussy willow in jar
Erebos Harbor photo location

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