Fumetsu no Fantasy Gacha Carnival♥

The Fantasy Carnival Gacha just isn’t FCG without the creativity of Aii and Ego, and I am (unsurprisingly) not disappointed. The Fumetsu no GACHA is another superlative collaboration from {egosumaii} that we’ve come to expect. I am not modeling the sakkat and lace bow offered in the gacha, but everything else is represented. I just had to pair Zibska’s Dalena set with this because it fit the ambience I was trying to achieve. Egosumaii + Zibska = happy Shy!

click for hires image on flickr

Tableau Vivant \\ Jungh hair
Zibska ~ Dalena Headpiece and Orbits @ 4Mesh
Zibska ~ Dalena Eyemakeup @ 4Mesh
Zibska ~ Dalena Lips @ 4Mesh
+ Fumetsu no Kiseru + {egosum} @ The Fantasy Carnival Gacha
+ RARE Fumetsu no Robe + {egosumaii} @ The Fantasy Carnival Gacha
+ RARE Fumetsu no Kimono + {egosumaii} @ The Fantasy Carnival Gacha
+ Maitreya Body Stardust + {aii} @ The Fantasy Carnival Gacha
+ Painters Tail + {egosumaii} @ The Fantasy Carnival Gacha
+ Paper Birds + {aii} @ The Fantasy Carnival Gacha

AsteroidBox. photo location

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