“Trying to find my way back home to you”

"Trying to find my way back home to you"

Action Inkubator Hair Fast
[ kunst ] – Vintage Cigarette Holder @ kustom9
L’Etre.Les accessoires – Anna Choker
::GB::Strap leather jacket @ The Men’s Department
a.t flow me tattoo

Convergence: The Lost City photo location

“Dere are two fings yer kin count on in Convergence: de weavver will change four times in one day an’ sum weird shit will go down. Loike a dwarf takin’ a shit on de counter.” ~ Lithium

Convergence: The Lost City is a modern fantasy RPG set in post-apocalyptic Oregon. The metered system is very easy to understand, and the magic rules provide a framework for creativity where individuality isn’t stifled. Staff is friendly and helpful, just as the players are. So if you’re looking for a roleplay home, this is a good place to start looking!


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