“I am not a mistake”


*C* Quinn Hair
Vengeful Threads – Mariposa Eye Makeup Exclusive @ The Makeover Room
[ MIKO ] Tracheostomy Tube ~ 3.Red Common
Blueberry – Dalena Shirt
{co*ffee} Half Longskirt

“I am not a mistake.” This image is contributed to the Body Language Photographer and Blogger Challenge. We embark into an era where the president of one of the most powerful nations in the world belittles disability by using spastic movements typical of those with cerebral palsy to make fun those with whom he doesn’t agree. In a world where the disabled are often regarded as mistakes and burdens on society, we must stand up for those most vulnerable to abuse and/or neglect.

My daughter is disabled. She has spent all but two years of her life on a ventilator and in a wheelchair. She will require specialized medical care for the rest of her life, but she is not and never has been a mistake. Special needs people are never mistakes. They are humans with feelings and, more importantly, they are blessings in disguise. Do not look upon the disabled with pity. Look upon them with love for they often have the most love to give back.

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