“And the queen holds court”


Peter Crowley – Queen of the Sea

set.the.stage [-Abstract Soul-] focus (left to right, top to bottom)
[-AS-] Quantabrilian Squiddledrone @ The Secret Affair
[-AS-] Quantabrilian Octobulb @ The Secret Affair
[-AS-] Quantabrilian Squiddlefish @ The Secret Affair
[-AS-] Quantabrilian Squiddlemother @ The Secret Affair
[-AS-] Winter’s Bulbicoral @ The Seasons Story
[-AS-] Querian Seanoodle @ The Secret Affair
[-AS-] Wintery Spiribush v2 @ The Seasons Story
[-AS-] Winter’s Spiritree @ The Seasons Story
[-AS-] Quantabrilian Florasquiddle @ The Secret Affair

As you can see, Methias Kira has fulfilled our mer dreams in January’s rounds of The Seasons Story and The Secret Affair[-Abstract Soul-] always provides original, ethereal decor that doubles as, quite literally, illuminating artwork. So you have an underwater part of your sim? Want to lure in the dangerous aquatic creatures of the deep? Then look no further!

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