“With the wild things on the prowl”


Neon Jungle – Welcome to the Jungle

BentBox Sylvan Ears
[Fetch] Victoria Body Paint Appliers
[sYs] SACRED dress
PHEDORA / Witch Hand Accessorie / 6M
[CX] Lethal Talons

Poseidon Priestess 4 Pose
Tales of Omar photo location

Tales of Omar is a new medieval fantasy roleplay sim opening January 2, 2017 (my RL birthday!). The intent is to give players a very Pen&Paper, D&D sort of experience. The staff has created a very detailed world, as any good GM should, and the island of Reign – the focal point of this roleplay – is a stunning jungle setting with less savage habitats for the more clean-inclined. ^.^ There are many races to play and enough classes to make your head spin! So if you’re looking for a more traditional tabletop RPG experience (and a dragon circling your skies ominously), check out Tales of Omar!

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