“Oh no, not much after the fall”


Journey – After the Fall

(epoque hair) Tied Up
a.t arabic art *NEW*
Blueberry – Cossy – Denim Ripped Shorts

* La Jolie Rose * – Hands elegance pose 5
AFTER THE FALL photo location

AFTER THE FALL Dark Urban Roleplay is a post-apoc style roleplay sim with an interesting history.

Meteors crashed to Earth carrying spider-like creatures that virtually wiped out humanity. The spiders grew strong and established vast breeding colonies. The few survivors, struggling to survive, were surprised when gray-skinned humanoid aliens came as well. The new aliens had a purpose. They had been tracking the spiders and were hunting them down. Out of fear, the humans attacked the hunters, not knowing who or what they were. Shoot first, ask questions later, right? Over time, some humans and hunters made contact and formed an alliance. But some humans wanted nothing to do with these new visitors and fought hard against them. Likewise, some of the hunters avoided contact with the humans, seeing us as just another lower life form. Clear factions formed and fighting between the groups continues.

ATF also uses an easy-to-use custom combat system called RIOT to enhance your combat and weapon-upgrade experience. Visit their website or just hop on sim for a full debrief on a great new roleplay adventure!

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