All Violetility, All The Time


Violetility has released a number of great items this month! Thank Jeebus they are all similarly-themed to fit in one picture! First is the Snail Mail available at Lost & Found. It comes in blue, pink and white and is scripted to accept note cards as mail. Simply click the mailbox to retrieve your mail. And yes, those are cute little snails crawling all over the box!

And then there’s the Quaint Cottage at Draftsman. This original mesh home is so beautifully designed, right down to the lights on the lattice front of the home. The inside is cozy but spacious and has enough room for a nice little getaway or love nest. My slubbeh Rith was kind enough to decorate since I’ve only started collecting home decor to do this lovely cottage justice.


The three rugs (left to right), Leaf, Pumpkin Spice and Hello Autumn, plus the arm chair and fire coffee table in the top corner are part of Violetility‘s Autumn set at Cosmopolitan. The fire is animated, and the chair has multiple pose options for single and couples. So you can get your spice on in front of the fire if you want… ~.^


I’m wearing the jacket and camisole from DAFNIS CLOTHING‘s Catherin outfit, which is currently at a reduced promo price on Marketplace. I paired it with the Catherin ripped skirt. They are HUD-driven with a nice variety of texture choices. Finishing off the outfit are AZOURY‘s BOHO Boots, adding a little bit of flare to a comfy, down-home ensemble.

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