“Yet ere again along the impurpling vale”


Unboastful Maid! though now the Lily pale
Transparent grace thy beauties meek;
Yet ere again along the impurpling vale,
The purpling vale and elfin-haunted grove,
Young Zephyr his fresh flowers profusely throws,
We’ll tinge with livelier hues thy cheek;
And, haply, from the nectar-breathing Rose
Extract a Blush for Love! ~”Songs of the Pixies” IX by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

A fair welcome to my new sponsor, + Kawaii Whore +! Never a better descriptor of me, right?! ^.^ And Look.At.Those.Eyes. The Sirens Sight Eyes w/HUD are available at the Limited Event until…tomorrow! YES TOMORROW! So hop on over and grab these large expressive eyes. The colors and texture are rich and evocative. Don’t miss out!

I’ve paired the eyes with one of Zibska‘s new offerings at November’s round of We ❤ Roleplay. Daleka has this wonderfully ethereal quality, the ‘is it feathers or flowers?’ ambiance adding to the magic. The Color HUD changes three separate layers of the headdress and the pauldrons, so you can match it to any outfit. Another stunning showing from Zib Scaggs!

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