One more day until Moon Festival 2016!


AHHHH! Moon Festival 2016 opens tomorrow, October 1! I cannot wait! And I’ve got some more previews for you, so hold on to your butts!

::SOULED OUT:: is offering a lot of goodies for the festival, some of them showcased above. I’m wearing one of the Bedazzled Star Necklaces and the Moon with a View tank dress. I’ve got a cup of oolong tea and a plastic bag of mooncakes for the munchies while exploring the festival! ::SOULED OUT:: has also made the most adorable Jade Rabbit in the Moon plushies, and it also comes as an avatar! And the beautiful tapestry tells the tale of the jade rabbit…in case you were curious!

Dark Knight Decor has a gacha with a variety of hand-held pinwheels, so play and go for your favorite. If the moon favors you, maybe you’ll get it quickly!

=BRUSH= is providing a cute moon wall deco as well as mooncakes in many colors (pink and blue shown at the feet of the jade rabbits).

There’s still much more offered at Moon Festival 2016 so you’ll have to go check it out tomorrow. Or keep perving my blog. ^.^

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