Come to the Moon with offerings.


The Moon Festival begins today! All the previews and hype now give way to amazing creations, a stunning sim and two weeks of celebration.

I’m wearing Stix‘s Kamala : Mood Goddess skin in Snow (also comes in Cream, Rosefire and Sapphire). The close-up image on the right is without windlight to show what it looks like a la carte, as it were, but the beauty of this skin is that it takes on different characteristics with different windlight settings, so you can really find what mood you want to portray. The skin is half-priced for the duration of the festival at only L$249! I’m also wearing Stix ~ Moon Lips, which offers different colors as well.

Dark Water Designs has made an adorable and detailed geisha fan decoration in six different colors schemes: ai, emiko, hanako, keiko, sachi and ume (shown).

[K]oi  offers a hot pot so realistic that I’m hungry just looking at it now!

[Beh: Goat snacks]’s Stargazer tea cup presents a detailed cup and delicately accurate desserts on the saucer. It’s part of a larger bento set, so be sure to check it all out and give Acedia Ditko some love on his first event!

{-Maru Kado-} ‘s wall decor is evocative and beautiful! In comes in three colors (black, brown and white) plus an exclusive (shown), and all come with a texture HUD changing the color of the moon.

…and there’s a little cameo by {anc} // fish shop daughters / lotus flowers gacha item. Just ’cause. ^.^

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