Where there’s tea, there’s hope.


Two more days until the Moon Festival opens! There are so many goodies up for sale in addition to the beautiful sim and fun things to do during the celebration period.

Distant Designs offers two sets of withered beads: monk and spirit. They come in five colors: cyan, jade, obsidian, sanguine and stone. Dark Water Designs has three different male and female yukata available so you can dress the part during your stay. Sickly Sweet‘s wedge sandals are fitted for Maitreya and Slink mid feet and come with a four-choice texture HUD. And Dark Knight Decor has made a detailed and beautiful tea set in six different theme options: blood moon, blue glazed, cherry blossom, fantasy moon, pink sakura and water lotus.

*barberyumyum*71O Hair
Distant Designs Withered Spirit Beads Sanguine @ Moon Festival 2016
DWD – Festival Yukata #3 @ Moon Festival 2016
.:SS:. Geisha Sandals @ Moon Festival

DKD – Cherry Blossom Glazed Tea Set
Moon Festival photo location

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