“And now I’m lost in your sweet surrender”


So Cerberus has done it again with another haaaaawt pose as a group gift. So once I got it, I had to scour my friends list for someone online to pose with me. I couldn’t wait. NO PATIENCE.

I also reverted back to one of my favorite skins from alterego. It’s a Gen1 tone, but I don’t care! I’ve always loved Toxxic’s Powder skin tone, so I probably need to find its equivalent with her Gen2 skins. Sounds like a project!

Blake Lewis – Your Touch

((ae)) tiana powder – catwa applier on Annie
Tableau Vivant \\  Dia hair
.Reckless. – Chord Tattoo
.random.Matter. – Feral Collar – Group Gift
-SU!- Lynexia Collar  – Group Gift
Absolut Vendetta -Draped Halter Top
T&S – My Goth Panties  – Group Gift

[CX] Poses – Desire – Group Gift

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