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It is written that long ago, the skies were shared between the God of the moon Tsukiyomi and the Goddess of the sun Amaterasu. Just as the sun rises and falls to rest, the moon would as well. That is until Tsukiyomi the god of the moon killed the goddess of food out of disgust. This upset the Goddess of the sun Amaterasu, thus labeling Tsukiyomi as an evil god and cursing him to a far side of the earth (http://ehruhi.weebly.com/story.html).

He was cursed to Ehruhi. [website visit or sim visit]

Ehruhi The Cursed Isle is a dark fantasy Japanese roleplay sim from the minds of Aii and Hei. It is a free-form paragraph roleplay system that provides a dice hud/titler for those times when you need it. No applications necessary. Just stay in theme and don’t overpower your character. You can find a helpful list of rules and some accepted races at the website.

The pictures I’m posting are unedited using the Windlight setting on sim. Yes, it’s dark. The Sun (Amaterasu) has forsaken Ehruhi and the Moon (Tsukiyomi) rules this land. Do you dare travel to this cursed isle? And if you do, do you fight the darkness…or join it?



2015-12-20-Ehruhi_003Rentals are available on sim for very affordable prices!

2015-12-20-Ehruhi_004The sacred forest is a dark and foreboding place where the weak of constitution dare not go. Of course, my nogitsune skips through the forest humming a lively tune because that’s how she rolls. ^.^








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