dreams.in.digital ||| LOTW ||| 14 November 2015


This post is in honor of the insane amount of Blade & Soul I played during their second closed beta weekend. She reminds me a lot of my Lyn Summoner who was soloing bosses…like a boss. Meow! ^x^

Skin + Mesh Lips – VCO ~ Bella Set
Makeup{aii} + InuDaiYoukai Makeup +
Eyes[Buzz] Cora Kitty Eyes – Angel RARE
EarsSchadenfreude Kitsune Ears
 – CATWA HAIR Mia; {aii} + Aii’s Mesh Hair Add-ons +
Hat – .tsg. Jiangshi Amulet Hat
Headdress – {aii} + Kyokusu Headdress Pack +
Outfit {aii} + Kagun Garment Red +
Hands .tsg. Jiangshi Bloody Claws
Left Leg.tsg. Jiangshi Ornate Bell Mini-Garter
Tailc( TC ) Somali Neko Tail 2.0

Pose – -HARU- Suri 3.

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