dreams.in.digital ||| Sim Focus ||| Convergence: The Lost City


Convergence: The Lost City is a modern fantasy roleplay with urban, sci-fi, post-apoc and steampunk elements. You can visit their website to learn more.

It’s a paragraph roleplay sim with all manner of supernatural creatures. The theme is dark in nature, but the players are not. All staff and players are very helpful and kind, which is a great help for a new character like me!

If you like immersive roleplay that combines modern and mythical elements, CV is the place for you! Just…mind the ducks. Always mind the ducks!


Hairno.match_ ~ NO_GLANCE
Glasses – DAZED. – Heiva Glasses
Shirt – MOLiCHiNO (closed) *MESH* Issy Blouse
Skirt:Moon Amore: Sabrina Skirt
Shoes.storybook. – Devanna Slippers
Parasol – [Kaos] Cooky Parasol

-STEP- 3 Umbrellas TCF 2nd Year Gift – Umbrella_pose_7 {The Chapter Four}

2 thoughts on “dreams.in.digital ||| Sim Focus ||| Convergence: The Lost City

    1. I miss all your crazy faces. How could I stay away! Thanks for providing a fun and interesting environment.

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